Louis Tomlinson ready to end Zayn Malik feud

Louis Tomlinson wants to be friends with Zayn Malik credit:Bang Showbiz
Louis Tomlinson wants to be friends with Zayn Malik credit:Bang Showbiz

Louis Tomlinson wants to rebuild his friendship with Zayn Malik.

The 30-year-old singer fell out with his former One Direction bandmate when the 'Pillowtalk' hitmaker quit the group in 2015, but he's now "closer to being over all that" than he ever was, though they haven't spoken.

Appearing on the 'Zach Sang Show', Louis was asked if he was friends with Zayn and replied: “You’d have to ask him.

“I could be wrong, but I believe I said, when you asked me a similar question [last time] … I believe I said I don’t think I’m mature enough to get over what’s frustrated me in that relationship.

“I don’t know if I’m mature enough now, but I’m definitely closer to being over all that.”

The 'Bigger Than Me' singer claimed he has "tried to get in touch" with his former bandmate but doesn't have his phone number, though he's hopeful they can find some way of communicating.

He continued: “There’s been numerous times over the last couple of years where I’ve thought about him and hoped he’s alright.

“But it’s hard. I definitely wish him well...

“I think in time. I think we just have to bump into each other ’cause neither of us have each other’s number. I suppose maybe social media might be the way.”

Zayn has previously criticised One Direction's music but has recently been sharing covers of their hits on Instagram, and Louis admitted he was delighted to see the 'I Don't Want to Live Forever' hitmaker's posts.

Hailing Zayn as being "a different calibre in terms of singers", he said: “I wasn’t just liking it for the sake of liking it. It was a nice feeling ’cause in the past he’s said what he’s said about the band, and I understand some of what he was saying.

“For me, in those videos, it showed he was reflecting. It showed he was thinking about those times. Of course, at the same time, showing off his incredible voice.”