How I lost six stone in six months

Staff writer

After drastically changing her diet and given up smoking a 24-year-old woman has lost six stone in six months.

Fearing to gain more weight, Ruby, from Hull, started counting calories and stuck to a recommended daily calorie intake. Since then Ruby has lost an incredible six stone (38.1018kg) in just six months, dropping from 15 stone (95kg) nine stone (57kg).

Describing her healthy eating plan, she said: "I write a month's worth meal plan so I find it really easy to keep track of what I should be eating. And because I know what I'm having for my evening meal, I can calculate the calories before I have it."

The young woman admits that she still suffers from anxiety, which caused her weight gain in the first place, but now, since she lost so much weight, Ruby feels more confident and is focusing on her mental health and overall wellbeing.