Lost instruments, logic gates and lots and lots of drunkonyms – take the Thursday quiz

<span>This is someone tasting non-alcoholic wine in France, but how many words do the British have for getting drunk?</span><span>Photograph: Laura Stevens/The Guardian</span>
This is someone tasting non-alcoholic wine in France, but how many words do the British have for getting drunk?Photograph: Laura Stevens/The Guardian

Ralph Fiennes has recently been complaining about trigger warnings, but at the Thursday quiz we think it is only fair to warn you that this week the quiz includes general knowledge, quirky pop culture, computer studies, obscure facts, and two pictures of dogs, but starts with Liz Truss again. It is just for fun, but let us know how you got on in the comments.

The Thursday quiz, No 148

  1. Liz Truss
    Liz Truss

    Thursday quiz favourite Liz Truss is attending CPAC in Washington DC and blamed the "deep state" for her short tenure as prime minister. But what does CPAC stand for?

    1. Conservative Political Activist Confederation

    2. Conservative Political Alliance Campaign

    3. Conservative Political Action Conference

    4. Completely Pointless And Clueless

  2. Music

    Ridley Scott is apparently being lined up to direct a musical biopic from the people behind the Bohemian Rhapsody film. Which band, famous for hits spanning several decades and a 70s heyday, is to be the subject?

    1. The Bee Gees

    2. Sparks

    3. Slade

    4. Pink Floyd

  3. Reckless Records
    Reckless Records

    Whose stolen musical instrument has been returned more than 50 years on, after it surfaced in a pub in west London?

    1. David Gilmour from Pink Floyd got back his 12-string guitar

    2. Ronald Mael from Sparks got back his Wurlitzer electronic piano

    3. Paul McCartney from the Beatles/Wings/Frog Chorus got back his bass guitar

    4. Bez from Happy Mondays got back his stolen maracas

  4. Drunk

    How many English words are there for being drunk, according to a study?

    1. 244

    2. 345

    3. 546

    4. 1,057

  5. Leeds cinema
    Leeds cinema

    Very early in his career on film, Anthony Hopkins played Claudius in a 1969 adaptation of which Shakespeare play?

    1. Hamlet

    2. Julius Caesar

    3. Antony and Cleopatra

    4. I, Claudius

  6. Computers

    You've always wanted to pass GCSE computer studies, right? Try this one. Here is the truth table for a logic gate: "A=1, B=1, Output=1", "A=1, B=0, Output=1", "A=0, B=1, Output=1", "A=0, B=0, Output=0". What sort of logic gate is it?

    1. Not

    2. Or

    3. And

    4. Ron

  7. Men in Roman costume
    Men in Roman costume

    Every fan of Sapphire and Steel knows "all irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension. Transuranic heavy elements may not be used where there is life." Copper can be assigned. Copper has the chemical symbol Cu because it indicates which Latin word … ?

    1. Cuprum

    2. Cuferion

    3. Cunula

    4. Cumandhaveagoifyouthinkyouarehardenus

  8. UEFA

    One question about every country taking part in the Euro 2024 finals this summer. This week: Switzerland. The Swiss federal constitution specifies that the country has how many official languages?

    1. Three

    2. Four

    3. Five

    4. Six

  9. Puppy

    It is Nigel Planer's birthday today. Happy birthday Nigel! Which character (not pictured) did he play in the anarchic sitcom The Young Ones?

    1. Vyvyan

    2. Mike

    3. Neil

    4. Ron

  10. Sheep

    It is the anniversary of the announcement that Dolly the sheep (not pictured, though this one looks quite unimpressed at being featured) had been successfully cloned. When?

    1. 1987

    2. 1997

    3. 2007

    4. 2017

  11. Sydney Opera House concert hall
    Sydney Opera House concert hall

    The William Tell overture from the 1829 opera of the same name is one of the world's most famous pieces of western classical music. Who wrote it?

    1. Gioachino Rossini

    2. Giuseppe Verdi

    3. Giacomo Puccini

    4. Hector Berlioz

  12. London Overground line
    London Overground line

    Which of these is NOT one of the new names for the six London Overground lines (pictured, despite this bit of it being underground)? We repeat, for those of you who don't read the questions properly, which of these is NOT one of the new names for the six London Overground lines?

    1. Spitfire line

    2. Windrush line

    3. Liberty line

    4. Suffragette line

  13. Macaque

    Residents and animal rights activists in Bainbridge, Georgia, are protesting against a plan to build a mega-monkey-metropolis to house and breed a huge number of cute-looking long-tailed macaques, which would then be used for medical experiments. How many monkeys are they proposing to house there?

    1. 300

    2. 3,000

    3. 30,000

    4. 300,000

  14. Harrison Ford
    Harrison Ford

    A draft script the actor Harrison Ford left behind in a London hotel years ago has sold at an auction for £10,795. Which film was it for?

    1. Blade Runner

    2. Star Wars: A New Hope

    3. Raiders of the Lost Ark

    4. 101 Very Naughty Miniature Dachshunds

  15. Willow, the official dog of the Guardian Thursday quiz
    Willow, the official dog of the Guardian Thursday quiz

    This is Willow, the official dog of the Guardian Thursday quiz. The dog in the movie Anatomy of a Fall has been getting loads of media attention, and shares a name with a famous footballer. Willow has forgotten who, though. Can you remind her?

    1. Messi

    2. Ronaldo

    3. Neymar

    4. Nyssa

  16. Gary Numan
    Gary Numan

    BONUS GARY NUMAN QUESTION: Gary Numan is touring the UK later this year to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the albums Replicas and the Pleasure Principle, and the quizmaster will be attending. Numan is also celebrating that his daughter is releasing her debut single this week. Which daughter?

    1. Raven

    2. Echo

    3. Willow

    4. Persia


1:C - Honestly, the Thursday quiz would have just hid its face in shame if it had only lasted 49 days in a job, rather than using it as the starting point for a lucrative tour about how it was right all along, but there you go, 2:A - Scott is reportedly in negotiations to direct a film about the popular hitmakers, in a project which has the sole surviving Bee Gee, Barry Gibb, onboard as executive producer, and the Bohemian Rhapsody producer Graham King also involved, 3:C - The violin-shaped Höfner was one of Paul's first instruments, and was used during the Beatles gigs in Hamburg, 4:C - That knocks Kate Bush's Fifty Words for Snow album into a cocked hat. It also possibly explains how the Thursday quiz ends up like this, being mostly written down the pub, 5:A - Directed by Tony Richardson it featured Nicol Williamson in the title role and Marianne Faithfull as Ophelia, and you'd think Claudius would be in one of the Roman-era plays but apparently not, 6:B - We are not explaining it, you either understood it or you didn't. Well done if you picked this option though – you've got one point towards your fictitious computer studies GCSE, 7:A - It was Cuprum. Copper was never assigned to any Sappire and Steel adventures but was specified as being available if required in the opening sequence , 8:B - Article 4 of title 1 declares: "The national languages are German, French, Italian, and Romansh"., 9:C - He was indeed the hippy Neil. Heavy man, heavy, 10:B - She lived to be six and her remains are on display in the National Museum of Scotland. Bit weird, 11:A - A French-language opera in four acts by the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini to a libretto by Victor-Joseph Étienne de Jouy. We aren't saying you are heathens, but you probably know the tune from The Lone Ranger, don't you?, 12:A - The Liberty line commemorates "the freedom that is a defining feature of London", but there is no explicit second world war reference among the names, leading to much huffing and puffing among the anti-wokerati, 13:C - That is a lot of monkeys. Imagine the chaos if the feral hogs got in, 14:B - It was the fourth draft of the screenplay for the first Star Wars movie, and it was bought on Saturday by a private collector in Austria., 15:A - Last year, Messi (the dog, not the football player) won the Palm Dog at Cannes, which his trainer, Laura Martin Contini, called “the height of recognition” in the field of cinema dog training. He is part of the promotional entourage out in Hollywood drumming up support for Anatomy of a Fall at the Oscars. The Thursday quiz has seen the movie and very much recommends it, 16:A - It is Raven. She is Gary and Gemma’s eldest daughter, and her first single, My Reflection, will be released as a download tomorrow. Her younger sister Persia has appeared on Gary's records, and also sang back-up vocals for Raven at her debut gigs last year. Echo is the youngest of the Numan's three daughters


  1. 0 and above.

    We hope you had fun – let us know how you got on in the comments

If you really do think there has been an egregious error in one of the questions or answers – and can show your working – feel free to email martin.belam@theguardian.com, but remember the quiz master’s word is final and he is busy with Tunnel Lights by Chelsea Wolfe.