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'Strong and sturdy': Organize your desk and protect your PC with this computer riser — down to $20

What is it?

Breathe, man, breathe! That's what your computer might be yelling, especially if you have a desktop tower placed on the ground. Computers need space underneath them to draw in air and keep all of the different components cool. Putting a tower on carpet blocks airflow and introduces all kinds of dust into the machine. An easy solution is to use a device like the Loryergo Monitor Stand, which elevates your machine off the ground, helping it get plenty of ventilation.

With three different heights to pick from, this monitor stand provides plenty of ventilation space and room to organize loose cables beneath the riser. 

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$19 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

Not everyone has space to place a computer tower on their desk. That's okay. You can invest in expensive computer fans to increase ventilation to overcome the problem, or you can spend less than $20 on a stand that will do the same job and keep your computer running smoothly for much longer.

Why do I need this?

Your computer is a major investment. Even a low-end desktop costs several hundred dollars, while a fully specced-out gaming PC could cost multiple thousands. The last thing you want is to risk its performance (or risk starting a fire) just because it's placed on carpet. This riser is sturdy, easy to set up, and sufficient to keep your computer away from dust.

Even if your computer is fine, other electronics like a power brick, your printer, and other devices also need to be kept off the ground. And if all else fails, it works as a monitor riser to add a few extra inches and save you some potential neck pain. At 14.5 x 9 inches, it's big enough to hold almost all PC cases, even the larger ones — although you might have to do a little balancing.

Keep your PC away from dust, organize your desk, and much more. (Photo: Amazon)
Keep your PC away from dust, organize your desk, and much more. (Photo: Amazon)

What reviewers say:

One shopper kept things short and sweet: "It’s a simple product and it does it’s job. It keeps my pc off the floor away from dust and pet hair and keeps the air flowing well."

"I got this in order to add my new Xbox S series to my current gaming set up. I needed to include it without having it take up an extra shelf. So I got this to be elevated above my Xbox one. I was surprised because I was expecting them to be plastic, but it's not! It's metal and built like a tank!" another happy reviewer said.

"I didn't see many photos of a computer tower sitting on the stand. I did not want my tower sitting on the floor and carpet, so this is just perfect for what I needed it for. I love the holes on the bottom to help with air flow. I also like that it's a perfect fit for the tower," said one user. "Easy to assemble. It allows my tower to sit under my desk and you could adjust the legs if you wanted it higher. Very sturdy if you go higher."

"Strong and sturdy. Only issue is that you cannot fit a keyboard under it," one shopper commented.

This stand elevates your machine off the ground, allowing it to get plenty of ventilation.

with coupon
$19 at Amazon

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