Lorraine Kelly shares heartbreaking news as she misses ITV chat show

Lorraine Kelly has expressed her sorrow after learning the sad news of crime novelist Hilary Bonner's beloved dog Coco passing away. The presenter, who is also a devoted dog owner, took to social media to share her condolences following her brief absence from her show during the half-term break.

Hilary Bonner posted a touching tribute to her late canine companion on her page, writing: "We said goodbye to our darling Coco yesterday, 16 days after her 16th birthday. She gave us so much joy and love for so long. There are no words to describe the enormity of her loss."

Lorraine, who is a proud parent to her own furry friend Angus, reposted the sad news to her followers, commenting: "So sorry for your loss - she was gorgeous," accompanied by a broken heart emoji.

Touched by Lorraine's message, Hilary responded: "Oh thank you Lorraine. She was gorgeous. And we are already missing her so much." The post garnered further sympathy from the online community, with messages pouring in from various users including Melanie Blake, who said: "So sorry to hear, sending love to you both xx."

Actor Tony Maudsley also added: "Oh nooooo. So so sorry to hear that Hilary and Amanda. Sending love to you both xxxx," as reported by the Express.

Lorraine has been noticeably absent from her show
Rosie, Lorraine's daughter, is pregnant -Credit:Instagram/@rosiekellysmith

This heartfelt exchange occurred as Lorraine enjoys her third day off this week, partaking in her scheduled break. It's common for the host to take time off during school holidays, leaving the show in the capable hands of stand-ins such as Christine Lampard and Ranvir Singh.

In her absence, fans have been vocal about Lorraine's time off air and a Twitter account that has been tracking her show appearances noted that Lorraine has presented just 48 of the 72 episodes this year.

One viewer tweeted: "Surely it's time to re-name the show with this level of attendance." Another added: "#lorraine I wonder what Christine thinks when the rolling credits at the start of the programme showing Lorraine beaming at the camera, are shown."

Rosie, Lorraine's daughter, is pregnant
Rosie, Lorraine's daughter, is pregnant

With the announcement that Lorraine will become a grandmother, another fan speculated: "How many months will we have to endure them talking about #Rosie pregnancy. Well at least she'll have every half term off to babysit #Lorraine."

Rosie, who has joined her mum on Celebrity Gogglebox, shared her pregnancy news on Instagram with a cute bump photo and her 12-week scan image. Lorraine couldn't contain her joy, posting on her own Instagram: "THE most exciting thing to have ever happened in our family! Cannot wait to be a granny and so proud of Rosie and her Steve. It's the best news EVER!"