Lorraine Kelly does not want to hear about Prince Harry's 'willy'

Reacting to revelations from Prince Harry's book Spare, Lorraine Kelly asked her co-presenter to 'stop' as he laid bare some of the more salacious quotes written by the royal.

Video transcript

- We have revelations of drug taking. We have revelations of violence, allegations that his brother manhandled him, even goes into detail about his being circumcised, his brother being circumcised.

- I don't need to know that. Thank you.

- Frostbite on his private parts.

- Don't need to know about Prince Harry's willy. Thank you.

- Moving on swiftly. Moving on swiftly. Will's being a bit tipsy on the morning after his wedding, saying he could smell the rum on his breath as they were making their way to the wedding, and even losing his virginity, aged 17, in a field. And I would just give you some of the feast we have in front of us on this. I mean, some of the shocking quotes are from Harry in his own words saying, "losing his virginity was a humiliating episode with an older woman, who liked macho horses and treated me like a young stallion."

- Oh, stop it. Stop it. I can't handle it.

- I must carry on. "I mounted her quickly."

- Oh, please don't.

- "One of my many mistakes was letting it happen in a field just behind a very busy pub. No doubt, somebody had seen us." I mean, you talk about the headlines that the royal family are waking up to, I mean, this is absolutely breathtaking.

- My toes may never uncurl again.

- They certainly won't, no.