Lorraine Kelly blasts Brooklyn Beckham's 'joyless' wedding

While talking about the legal drama behind the wedding of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz, Lorraine Kelly laid into the celebrity couple's big day suggesting it sounded like 'the most utterly joyless wedding, devoid of fun and happiness and all of that.'

Credit: Lorraine / ITV / ITVX

Video transcript

- Poor Brooklyn, he comes under fire again around the food. So the food at the wedding that was served were sort of burgers.

LORRAINE KELLY: Brooklyn burger, what's that then?

- So he comes up with an idea to have a burger named after him, which is a double or single burger. And then a Nicola burger, which-- look at the spelling of which, has got no bun and it's lettuce instead of bun for the girls, because obviously, the girls only want the low calorie. So she says no, the names are embarrassing. I mean, it is-- it's absolutely brilliant all over. So you just have to feel for Victoria Beckham as well because she must just be hiding.

LORRAINE KELLY: Can I just say, that sounds like the most utterly joyless wedding, devoid of fun, and happiness, and all of that. And how silly that it's ended up in a courtroom. Whoever wants to-- their private stuff to be there. And it's their own blinking fault.

- Don't file a lawsuit if--


LORRAINE KELLY: Crazy. Thank you. Ross, I wonder what's the reaction been out there? I mean, are just people snickering?