Loose Women call Harry and Meghan's royal baby plan 'stage-managed'

Holly Hales
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Harry and Meghan at WE Day at Wembley arena in March [Photo: Getty]

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had their royal birth plan slammed by critics, who labelled it ‘stage-managed’ and even ‘weird’.

Their surprising comments followed the duke and duchess’ announcement to keep details of their baby’s arrival private until they “had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family”.

But instead of joining in the celebrations, the the Loose Women panel criticised the pair’s move and argued it would drum up even more apparently unwanted interest in the upcoming birth.

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“Who does that?” host Jane Moore asked about the attention-grabbing move, adding: “That’s such a weird thing to make an announcement that you’re not making an announcement.”

“I get that she doesn’t want to come on the hospital steps with the newborn baby and that she wants a home birth, but if you’re going to have a baby at home, what difference does it make if you just tell people that you’ve had the baby?”

Some of The Loose Women panel and argued the move would drum up more unwanted interest in the upcoming birth. [Photo: ITV]

‘If you’re trying to dissuade interest – I think this creates it,” co-host Nadia Sawalha added.

“They wanted us to be invested in their love story, and we are, and part of that story is their baby being born.”

The criticism was further compounded by the pair when Nadia labelled the move “going against what the royal family is about” and Jane stating it’s “quite Hollywood to try and stage manage stuff”.

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But fans of the show were quick to quip back at the panellists on Twitter with one follower telling the Loose Women to “Leave Harry and Meghan alone.”

“If they want a couple of hours or a day or two to enjoy their baby then what difference does it make to you?” the user wrote.

Many Twitter users appeared to back the panel’s views, and agreed the couple owed the public information following the birth. [Photo: Getty Images]

Another added: “Maybe they just don’t want her father selling stories again and spoiling their moment”.

But the main barrage of Twitter users appeared to back the panel’s views, and agreed the couple owed the public at least some information following the birth.

“They want royal privileges, taxpayers to fork out millions for their cottage renovation, security, pay for them and the baby for life but don’t want to share details until they are ready,” one person wrote.

“If you want privacy, sod off and fund yourselves.”