Look Out Costco, Walmart's Shiny New Food Courts Are On Their Way

Walmart cart
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If you're the kind of shopper who can't resist a stop at the Costco food court to keep up your grocery shopping strength, Walmart has just unveiled a pilot partnership that may take a bite out of your hot dog budget. The retail juggernaut just announced that its store in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, will be the first to open a Wonder food hall, which is a "fast-fine" concept from entrepreneur Marc Lore that offers multiple menus all in one place.

Much like the 10 existing Wonder locations in New York and New Jersey, there will be a wide selection of vendors. Customers at the new Keystone State outpost will have eight to choose from, according to The Kitchn. So whether you believe it's better to go to the grocery store on a full stomach or not, there will surely be options that could stand out to hungry shoppers. For instance, while Walmart might not be the first place people think of for ordering a chicken souvlaki and avocado sandwich or Texas barbecue, food hall visitors will find the former at Michael Symon's Yasas and the latter at Tejas. Moreover, unlike other Wonder locations, which lean towards delivery service, the new Walmart space could have plenty of room for sitting down for a bite before heading out into the aisles.

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The Food Options

Tejas pulled pork sandwich Wonder
Tejas pulled pork sandwich Wonder - Wonder / Facebook

In addition to Yasas and Tejas, the Wonder inside the Bucks County-area Walmart is offering burritos and other Mexican food at Limesalt, burgers from Burger Baby, American diner fare from Fred's Meat & Bread, chicken wings from Wing Trip, and slices from Alanza Pizza. There are plans to add more vendors later, according to the restaurant's landing page. These could span any number of concepts, as Wonder has worked with a diverse collection of celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay, José Andrés, Nancy Silverton, and Marcus Samuelsson.

If things go as intended, in 2024, Wonder food halls will also open at Walmart locations in Teterboro and Ledgewood, New Jersey, and about two dozen other locations. So even if you're not close to the first pilot locations, Wonder could be coming soon to a Walmart supercenter near you. Between these new food halls, the Great Value and Marketside private labels, and the rollout of a new free sample program, Costco is facing some stiff competition from Walmart these days.

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