A look back at Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in pictures

A look back at Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in pictures

The coronation of King Charles III is imminent — with the new king set to be coronated on Saturday, 6 May 2023. The historic event will be marked by a bank holiday of celebrations, including concerts, street parties and more.

As the world awaits the coronation of King Charles, we look back the coronation of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who died on 8 September 2022. The Queen was coronated on 2 June 1953 and — similar to the upcoming celebrations — her coronation was packed full with plenty of monumental events.

From wearing iconic jewels travelling in the Gold State Coach, the whole country watched as the Queen was coronated and joined in the celebrations. Here, we've compiled images that look back and celebrate Her Majesty's coronation.

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Coronation Day, 1953

A portrait of a young Elizabeth II on her Coronation Day wearing the crown of the Kings and Queens of England for her coronation in June of 1953.

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving monarch in British history and an icon recognised by people around the world, died aged 96 on 8 September 2022. Her eldest son, Charles, succeeded as king immediately beginning a new chapter for the Royal family after the queen's record-breaking 70-year reign.

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Westminster Abbey, May 1953

Queen Elizabeth II is greeted by Duke Bernard Fitzalan-Howard, 16th Duke of Norfolk, the Earl Marshal, upon her arrival at Westminster Abbey in London for a Coronation rehearsal.

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Dress Rehearsal, 1953

Pictured here wearing gold and silver tiaras in the form of sprigs of flowers are five of the Queen's six Maids of Honour leaving Westminster Abbey after a full dress rehearsal of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. The Maids pictured here are (left to right): Lady Moyra Hamilton, Lady Jane Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Lady Anne Coke, Lady Mary Baillie-Hamilton and Lady Rosemary Spencer-Churchill.

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The Queen and her Maids, 1953

Queen Elizabeth II stood with her maids of honour in the Green Drawing Room of Buckingham Palace on the day of her Coronation, 2 June 1953.

By selecting six Maids of Honour instead of pages to bear her velvet train throughout the ceremony, The Queen followed the precedent of Queen Victoria.

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Chair of Estate, 1953

After her entry into the Abbey Church of Westminster, Queen Elizabeth II is seated in her Chair of Estate.

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The Crown, June 1953

The crowning of Queen Elizabeth II at her Coronation in Westminster Abbey.

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A Queen is Crowned, 1953

On 2 June, 1953, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary because Queen Elizabeth II. She is pictured her at her Coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey.

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Queen Elizabeth II, 1953

Queen Elizabeth II seated during her coronation in 1953. She was the sixth Queen to have been crowned in Westminster Abbey, with the first being Queen Mary I in 1553.

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A Queen Returns, 1953

Queen Elizabeth II, pictured here wearing the Imperial State crown and carrying the Orb and Sceptre, returned to Buckingham Palace from Westminster Abbey following her Coronation.

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Royal Regalia, 1953

Queen Elizabeth II after her Coronation.

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Royal Carriage, 1953

Queen Elizabeth II was accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh on her way to Westminster Abbey; the procession passed the King Charles Statue.

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Trafalgar Square, 1953

A large crowd waved to the Royal procession as it arrived in Trafalgar Square after passing under the Admiralty Arch on June 2, 1953.

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Coronation Procession, 1953

The Queen's carriage passed through Marble Arch during the 1953 Coronation procession watched by a celebrating crowd.

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Gold State Coach, 1953

Queen Elizabeth II is pictured in the Royal Carriage just after the crowning while Beefeaters and Royal Guardians walk alongside. the Gold State Coach is an enclosed, eight horse-drawn carriage used by the British Royal Family. Commissioned in 1760, it was built in the London workshops of Samuel Butler.

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Coronation Group, June 1953

Queen Elizabeth II (centre) is pictured with with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (centre right), Princess Margaret Rose (centre left) and members of the immediate and extended Royal Family. They are wearing full Coronation regalia in the Throne Room of Buckingham Palace after the Coronation ceremony.

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Coronation Food, 1953

An array of cold platters laid out for a celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation, 1953.

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London Procession, 1953

In perfect formation, soldiers and sailors from the far-corners of the British Commonwealth marched in the Coronation procession of Queen Elizabeth II.

This overhead shot shows just a portion of the awe-inspiring parade marching up East Carriage Drive bordering the famed Hyde Park, and passing through the Marble Archway on the return procession from Westminster Abbey. The crowd is just as awe-inspiring.

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The Gold State Coach, 1953

The Gold State Coach used for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation was built by Samuel Butler, and dates from 1762. The tritons on the corners represent Britain's Imperial power.

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State Regalia, 1953

Queen Elizabeth II smiled wearing the State Crown and carrying the State Orb while sitting in the Royal carriage after her Coronation ceremony in 1953.

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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, 1953

Queen Elizabeth II, wearing the Imperial State Crown, sat next to her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, are seen through the window of the Gold State Coach as they returned to Buckingham Palace during the coronation procession in London on 2 June 1953. The Coronation ceremony took place at Westminster Abbey.

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The Queen's Dress, 1953

This sketch shows Norma Hartnell's design for the dress that Queen Elizabeth II wore for her Coronation. Embroidered on the white satin gown are the emblems of all the self-governing nations of the Commonwealth.

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Lords-A-Running, 1953

A group of peers hurried from Westminster Abbey through the rain after the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Coronation Statue, April 1953

Sculptor Peter Mancini worked hard on an equestrian statue of Queen Elizabeth II, mounted on her horse Winston, at his Wimbledon studio, London, 25 April 1953.

The statue, which depicts the Queen in her uniform as a Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, graced the front of Selfridges department store on Oxford Street, during the coronation celebrations.

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Robing Room, November 1952

As part of the Coronation preparations, British politician David Eccles, the Conservative Government's Minister of Works, inspected a model showing the Robing Room annexe; a temporary structure erected for the Coronation of Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey.

He is photographed here at a Coronation press conference, held at Church House in Westminster, London, 21 November 1952.

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Coronation Dolls, 1953

Dolls of Queen Elizabeth II in three coronation gowns, with crown and sceptre, London, circa 1953.

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Poster, 1953

A Queen Is Crowned. This poster depicts Queen Elizabeth II, and advertised a film that documented the 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, with a narration of events by Laurence Olivier.

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Memorabilia, circa 1980

A collection of memorabilia from the 1953 coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Coronation Gown, 2022

As part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation dress, designed by Sir Norman Hartnell and embroidered with an iconographic scheme of emblems representing Commonwealth states was displayed as part of a special exhibit at Windsor Castle exploring the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

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Robe of Estate, 2022

Displayed alongside the Coronation Gown was the Robe of Estate, worn by Her Majesty at her Coronation, made of purple silk and velvet, and measuring 6.5m in length.

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Past meets Present, 2022

The original golden carriage rode with a hologram of the Queen from her 1953 Coronation during the Platinum Pageant on 5 June, 2022 in London, England. The Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II was celebrated to mark the 70th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II.

May 2023 will see the coronation of Charles III and his wife, Camilla, as King and Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. King Charles acceded to the throne on 8 September 2022, upon the death of his mother.

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From iconic jewels to unsung moments we look back at Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. Here are some iconic photos from the Queen's coronation.