This is how long people will stay on bad dates

this is how long people will stay on bad dates
This is how long people stay on bad datesGetty Images

There’s nothing worse than turning up to an app date and realising before you’ve even sat down for drinks that they are definitely not what you’re looking for.

So, how long do you spend politely asking how many siblings they have before calling it quits? According to a new study (of 2,000 respondents conducted via OnePoll), most Brits will stay on a bad date for an average of 51 minutes before slipping away.

That may not seem like a long time, but the same study reveals that most of us know within 25 minutes whether or not we’ve got the ick.

As for why we end up staying comes down to good old fashioned awkwardness. More than half of those surveyed (58%) said they’d stay for the entirety of the date, with the majority (72%) of those saying they did so out of politeness and only 37% saying they hoped the date might improve.

Over a third (36%) said they stayed because they just felt too uncomfortable saying anything.

Some of the most common excuses given to finally leave were feeling unwell, asking a friend to fake an emergency, making up a headache, or claiming a pet had fallen ill.

Some people are even telling their date “you look too similar to my ex” as an excuse to get out of it. Brutal.

As for why the date was going badly, almost half said the other person was being rude, and 37% said it was because they wouldn’t stop checking their phone.

The study also looked into why and how people cancel before even reaching the date; with 23% admitting to ghosting the other person beforehand.

More reassuring though, nearly half the respondents said they think honesty is the best policy when it comes to telling a potential partner if you don’t think the date is a vibe.

Meanwhile - oh urm, my roommate just texted and said our fridge is broken. I better get going…

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