How Long Does Opened, Store-Bought Apple Juice Last In The Fridge?

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When we open a carton of spoiled milk, we're instantly hit with a repulsive waft of sour odor, which is more than enough information to tell us that our dairy has gone bad. But when it comes to fruity drinks like store-bought apple juice, it can be a little more difficult to determine when it's time to toss the bottle. In fact, it's easy to assume that these types of beverages can last for a long time, because before opening, they generally stay safe to drink for at least six months.

Things change once you've opened up a bottle of store-bought apple juice; after that, keep the bottle in the refrigerator and you'll have up to 10 days until you'll want to throw it away. Although, a canned product will only stay good enough to drink for up to one week after opening. The reason it can last this long is because apple juice has a higher pH than some fruity beverages, like orange juice, meaning it's more resistant to bacteria. Plus, apples (and store-bought juice beverages) have plenty of sugar, which also prevents bacteria from multiplying and growing.

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How To Store Apple Juice For Optimal Freshness After Opening

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So how can you ensure your store-bought apple juice stays as fresh as possible? You'll want to keep the bottle in the fridge unless you're drinking it, and make sure it's sealed tightly. If you purchased a can that you can't re-seal, transfer your juice leftovers to an airtight container before placing it in the fridge. And if your drink came in a plastic bottle, the absolute best way to store it is to pour it into a glass bottle (or jar) first, since plastic can soak up other tastes or smells. If the 10-day mark is looming near and you're not ready to finish your juice, you can also freeze it in an ice cube tray that gets sealed in a plastic bag, where it can stay fresh for up to a year.

While these timeframes are good guides to follow, you should also check if your beverage has gone bad while it sits in the fridge. One quick way to tell is if you see cloudy liquid or fizz, or detect a boozy smell, which can indicate fermentation. Mold is another obvious sign. Of course, if you take a sip and it tastes like vinegar, you'll also know your apple juice is no longer at its best. In that case, it's time to buy another bottle or make your own with a blender in minutes.

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