Logan Paul faces backlash after pet pig is rescued by animal sanctuary: ‘Found abandoned in a field’

Logan Paul is facing criticism after it was reported that an animal sanctuary rescued an abandoned pig that previously belonged to the YouTuber.

On Monday, The Gentle Barn animal sanctuary shared a video to its social media accounts of its rescue of an abandoned pig named Pearl.

“We got a call about a pig abandoned in a field,” the nonprofit organisation captioned the video, which showed employees carrying a crate holding the pig out of a trailer.

In the video, the sanctuary then noted that the pig was found “with another pig who had passed away” and that she was “lucky to still be alive”.

“We were told she belonged to a famous YouTuber and was irresponsibly rehomed,” the text captions on the video continued. “All we know for sure is she ended up abandoned and scared with mangled ears and a broken heart.”

The video concludes with the pig being taken care of at the animal sanctuary, and a promise to her that she will “never be alone again”.

In the accompanying caption, the animal rescue, which has locations in California, Missouri, and Tennessee, noted that the pig named Pearl was “found alone in a field next to another pig who had passed away” and came to them “with tattered ears and a potentially life-threatening infection in her uterus that has since been healed”.

“She’s clearly been through so much trauma that we can’t begin to imagine, but she’s now safe with us at The Gentle Barn,” the caption continued.

The Gentle Barn also noted that, from what it has been told, the pig was originally purchased from a breeder by an influencer, before the rescue acknowledged that “people often buy ‘mini pigs’ or ‘teacup pigs’ for clout online, believing they will stay small”.

“When they inevitably grow very large and have many unexpected needs, they’re sadly discarded,” the organisation wrote.

The Gentle Barn concluded the post acknowledging that, although it doesn’t know “everything she’s been through in her past,” the pig’s life is “now filled with friends, nutritious foods, the highest quality care, and so much love”.

Although the organisation did not identify the YouTuber that previously owned the pig, viewers linked the animal back to Paul, who tweeted about his pet pig named Pearl in February 2020.

In the tweet, which is still available to view on the YouTuber’s Twitter page, he shared a photo of himself and the white and black spotted pig and wrote: “I bought Pearl over a year ago. I was told she was a mini pig… she’s not.”

Paul reportedly purchased Pearl with his then-girlfriend Chloe Bennet a few years ago, with the YouTuber describing the purchase as the “best decision I’ve ever made of my life” in a 2018 YouTube video, according to The Standard.

“THE YOUTUBER IS LOGAN PAUL. He should NOT get away with this cruelty. I am shaking with anger. He needs to be held accountable,” one person commented under The Gentle Barn’s social media post about Pearl, while another said: “Logan has some explaining to do.”

Although Paul has not addressed the animal sanctuary’s video publicly, he reportedly reached out to The Gentle Barn via email, according to TMZ, which published a screenshot of the email.

In the email reportedly sent by the 27-year-old professional wrestler, he wrote that it had been “brought to [his] attention that a pig [he] owned nearly two years ago, Pearl, was rescued and rehomed by your organisation”.

“With every ounce of gratitude I have, I thank you,” the email continued, with the YouTuber then claiming that Pearl lived “happily” at his home in Encino for “about two years,” where she was “treated like a princess,” “bathed regularly,” “ate a variety of meals,” and had a “shelter and pen of her own”.

“I’d even sleep with her sometimes (you’ll come to find that she’s a very friendly pig and loves to cuddle),” the email continues.

Paul then goes on to explain that, when he moved to Puerto Rico in 2020, he was forced to rehome Pearl, as she was “unable to come with me”.

According to the YouTuber, he rehomed Pearl at a horse ranch in Santa Clarita, California, and that, “from [his] understanding,” she “lived fruitfully there for about 10 months”.

However, in the email, the influencer claimed that the homeowner then moved, at which point the pig was “rehomed to the farmer across the street with the promise of care”.

“I’ve heard that he called your organisation to pick her up,” Paul continued, before noting that it was “shocking and heartbreaking” to hear of the state Pearl was in when she was found, and that he “wanted to reach out personally and say thank you for taking her in”.

Paul concluded the email informing the animal sanctuary that he’d “love” to send a “token of [his] gratitude” to The Gentle Barn for taking Pearl in and “doing something so kind”.

“I thought she was at a good home, but regardless, she is now and I would like to contribute to her care again,” the email reads. “I can’t thank you enough for stepping in. Please let me know how else I can be supportive.”

In addition to the many calls for the organisation to publicly shame the YouTuber who previously owned Pearl, The Gentle Barn has also been inundated with messages of gratitude for its help.

“I think it’s so incredible that you guys can take in all these poor abandoned babies. You all have such big hearts, and it’s truly an inspiration to see. Thank you for taking care of animals who need it,” one person commented, while another said: “I’m so relieved she made it to you! A new life for Pearl.”

The Independent has contacted The Gentle Barn and a representative for Paul for comment.