Lizzo just wore that viral Kim Kardashian caution tape look & we're obsessed

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

Balenciaga has a rep for creating divisive looks, which is part of why the brand's become so influential in the fashion industry. From those trippy 'pantaboots' to bondage-style masks on the runway, it's safe to say that the label isn't afraid to take a few risks. One Balenciaga outfit that you'll definitely remember seeing is the viral tape look sported by Kim Kardashian for the brand's autumn/winter '22 Paris Fashion Week show. The bright yellow caution-tape outfit became the talk of the town, spawning a slew of priceless memes. Now, Lizzo's just gone and worn the very same look, with amazing results.

As part of her latest ELLE UK cover, Lizzo sported a handful of custom designer numbers. Lizzo looks 100% FIRE in every single one of the snaps (because, of course) but we'd be lying if we said we weren't totally living for Lizzo's taped get-up. Here's her epic cover shot, shared by the brand overnight:

Proving for the millionth time that she's a woman after our own hearts, Lizzo also shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes clip of her trying to dance in the edgy, but undeniably restrictive, outfit:

"IM A RIDICULOUS HUMAN… JUST STREAM ‘ABOUT DAMN TIME’ AND DONT ASK ANY QUESTIONS 😫" she writes on Instagram. Naturally, fans were loving everything about Lizzo's latest post, commenting:



This is what Spanx feel like on me 😂

😂😂😂 I need this tape

Now these are the moves I CAN DO!!’❤️❤️❤️

For context, here's Kim K's video of getting all taped up in the same look a few months back:

Ah, what a time to be alive.

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