Lizzo debuts new curtain bangs haircut and now, we need to book a salon appointment

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Lizzo debuts new curtain bangs haircutGetty Images

Lizzo just got a fringe. I repeat, Lizzo just got a fringe. The singer has debuted curtain bangs in a cute dancing selfie video on Instagram and they look... well, good as hell! The musician paired the 70s parted bangs style with sweeping face framing layers and a dark brunette take on the bouncy Farrah Fawcett blow out. With an extra 20 odd inches, natch.

Understandably the star captioned the video; "Obsessed w how cute I was yesterday." Me too Melissa, me too.

And just like me, and Lizzo herself, everyone in the comments was losing it over how fire she looked too. A lot of caps were involved in the barrage of compliments;

"THIS LOOK This hairstyle is a VIBE"



While a quieter toned fan simply said; "These bangs are it sis 👌🏽🔥"

The new 'do was even encouraging some fans to cut their own curtain bangs;

"Girllll you look so beautiful! You always do but I’m obsessed with this look too! You’re influencing me to cut bangs but IK damn well I don’t do my hair😭🙌"

"Yasssss that hair girl! Omg that's the type of hair I'm looking for! ❤️❤️❤️😍😍"

I'm all for copycatting these top tier bangs, but I really wouldn't recommend DIY-ing. Everyone has their own terrible fringe cutting experience – most people were five and it was picture day, I, however, was 15. Let me tell you the micro-fringe was not a thing yet and it was very bad for a long time.

Time to call your hairdresser and plead for a mid party-season slot.

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