Liz Hurley tells Eamonn Holmes to squat while brushing his teeth to relieve back pain

Liz Hurley suggested Eamonn Holmes tried squatting while brushing his teeth to ease back pain (Getty Images)
Liz Hurley suggested Eamonn Holmes tried squatting while brushing his teeth to ease back pain. (Getty Images)

She’s famed for her youthful looks - and now Liz Hurley has been sharing her secrets for keeping active and niggle free as well.

The star, 54, has instructed Eamonn Holmes, 60, to ease his back pain by doing squats as he brushes his teeth.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, the Irish TV presenter’s wife Ruth Langsford, 60, said: “Every morning Eamonn wakes up, he has another woman on his mind – Elizabeth Hurley.

“Eamonn and Liz met at a recent lunch, and now he is literally bending over backwards for her.

Ruth Langsford revealed the star had shared her secrets with her husband  (Getty Images)
Ruth Langsford revealed the actress had shared her secrets with her husband Eamonn Holmes. (Getty Images)

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"Comparing notes about backache, Liz has convinced him that a really effective way of strengthening his lower back was to squat while brushing his teeth.

“Carried out repeatedly, day after day, she says it has helped her tremendously. Good job it’s only me who can see what he looks like as he does this.”

In 2016, Eamonn underwent a double hip replacement after suffering discomfort for 25 years.

Earlier this month, he attended Turn The Tables 2020 in aid of Cancer Research UK along with Liz at Fortnum & Mason in London.

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Squats can help lower back pain by strengthening your core, as well as thighs – however it is important your form is correct, or you could make it worse.

According to Women’s Health, you should keep your torso upright, back straight and ensure your knees don’t pass your toes when you dip down with the weight distributed evenly in your heels.

Liz previously revealed her favourite anti-ageing skincare product which she “religiously” uses twice a day.

Speaking of her work with Esteé Lauder, the mum-of-one said: “I think I’ve been lucky because I’ve been with the company for 24 years so I’ve had really good products at my fingertips — and I use a lot of them.

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“My most favourite product of all has always been Advanced Night Repair which is a serum that I was given my first bottle of when I first joined the company in 1995, and I’ve used it religiously twice a day ever since.”

Liz continued: “Other products I particularly love are the La Mer products. They make beautiful skincare.

“I probably use more product now than I did 20 years ago and I’m looking forward to putting more on!”

She uses their Moisturising Soft Cream the most, but also enlists their classic Moisturising Cream depending on the time of year or if she’s had a hectic travel schedule.