Little Mix slammed for ‘provocative’ outfits again


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After Little Mix’s performance on X Factor earlier this month, you probably heard about the drama that followed; the band were labelled ‘strippers’ for wearing sexy outfits on set.

One of their critics was none other than Mel C - aka Sporty Spice - who said they were “getting more provocative”, harking back to the Spice Girls days as “a more innocent time”.


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And the star certainly hasn’t backed down from her views since, as she recently re-asserted her points once again while speaking at an event.

As part of the AOL Build Series in London, she said: “My question is why do young girls want to be portrayed in that way?”


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“In my experience, I wore tracksuits. I never felt that us girls as Spice Girls were never put under any pressure to be sexy.”

Earlier this month, Mel C criticised the group for being too sexualised, and though she acknowledged the pressure on young women to look attractive, she urged the girl group to stay un-sexy:

“They are all gorgeous and great singers. But they weren’t sexy and it’s got more and more that way. I love them – but I just say, ‘Stay you’,” she told Sunday People.

“All young women want to look sexy and hot so I understand it’s hard. But I think it’s such a shame.”

“We live in a narcissistic age – it’s 100% worse than when I was in the Spice Girls. It was a more innocent time.”

But as often happens when we reminisce about the ‘good old days’, were the mid-90s really more innocent? Sure, social media wasn’t a thing - as Mel pointed out while recalling how rebellious it felt stealing their PA’s Filofax - but were the Spice Girl days really “more innocent”?

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