This Little Debbie-Inspired Dessert Is Taking Over Crumbl This Week

And there's a new mini size, too.

<p>Little debby crumbl</p>

Little debby crumbl

If you’re a Little Debbie fan (who isn’t?), you probably have a favorite. If that favorite is the Cosmic Brownies, you’re not alone. The rich, chewy brownies, frosted with fudge icing and covered with colorful candy-coated chocolate chips, are the stuff of chocolate lovers’ dreams.

Crumbl Cookies seems to have gotten that memo, and one of the cookies in this week’s lineup is giving Cosmic Brownie vibes.

We’re not the only ones that noticed that. Instagram’s snackolator recognized that Crumbl’s Galaxy Brownie Cookie looks very much like a Cosmic Brownie that’s round rather than rectangular, and he decided to stage “The battle of the Crumbl Cookies Galaxy Brownie vs the Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie Cookie” on his page.

Crumbl’s Galaxy Brownie vs. Little Debbie’s Cosmic Brownie

The first thing Snackolator points out after he shows the two snacks' similar appearance is the price difference. The price for the mini Galaxy Brownie cookie was $3.33. The price for the Cosmic Brownie was $2.79 for the entire box of six (or 46 cents per brownie).

He says the Crumbl version is warm and gooey and tastes like a brownie, and it does really look good as he bites into the fresh cookie. He says the Little Debbie version is a little bit dry and has the “frosting which we all love from our childhood," seeming to give it a few points for nostalgia.

Overall on taste, he says the Crumbl Galazy Brownie is better. But, the Little Debbie is such a value. In the end, he didn’t declare an overall winner, saying in his caption that it “comes down to value vs taste and really hard to say for sure, although it's hard to overcome that much difference in price in my opinion.”

One of the commenters, who has tried both, noted that they have “total different brownie tastes” and says they’re “both good,” seemingly not seeing the value in even trying to compare the two. But, when the Crumbl cookie seems to be trying very hard to mimic the Little Debbie brownie, it’s tough not to compare.

But Wait, Crumbl Has Mini Cookies?

Did you catch that snackolator had a mini cookie? He sure did, and mini cookies are now offered at Crumbl. They’re new, and available on Mondays only. Crumbl invited its Instagram followers to “Say hello to Mini Mondays—a fun day where you can try this week’s flavors in mini size!”

Now customers can try all six (or just one) of the week’s cookie lineup without purchasing full-size cookies, and paying the full-size price. Then, when they can’t stop thinking about which one was their favorite, they can go back throughout the week and buy that favorite in full-size.

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