What is Listenbourg? Is it a real country?

Book your next flight to Listenbourg, a fake European country invented by TikTokers.

Just last week, Ryanair announced a new base in Listenbourg. Meanwhile, people created a national anthem and “government” accounts for the place. The hashtag #Listenbourg has over 106 million views on TikTok and was a trending event on Twitter on Nov 2 as a “new EU country.” Here’s everything you need to know about the fictional destination.

What is Listenbourg?

The Listenbourg meme was started by @gaspardooo on Twitter. He created a fake map of Europe with an arrow pointing at the country.

Translated from French, he wrote, “I’m sure Americans don’t even know the name of this country ptdrrr.”

Another user replied, in French, “Who doesn’t know Listenbourg?”

Then the internet took the concept and ran with it from there.

What is the official language of Listenbourg?

The country, which was grafted onto Spain and Portugal in the fake map by @gaspardooo, appears to have mostly French speakers.

Most Listenbourg content is written in French. But ancient Listenbourg people spoke a language called “Listenbourgeois.”

What is the history of Listenbourg?

The Twitter user @anecdote_rapide created a thread explaining Listenbourg’s history in great detail. They explained that “the first traces of this country go back to Plato in one of his texts ‘the Critias.'” The term translates to “great people” in Listenbourgeois.

Who is Listenbourg named after?

The first great leader, Listen I, a Roman soldier from Naples, conquered the territory known as Listenbourg today and named it after himself.

What is Listenbourg like today?

Despite several wars, the country is well-developed today and has a football league and a national team. It is also home to a hot young rapper named Yung L.

However, the country still has a monarchy. Every king is named Listen, and in 2022, Listenbourg is ruled by King Listen XLVII (48).

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