Listen to Mike Tyson Describe ‘Dying’ Every Time He Meditates

Mike Tyson doesn't shy away from talking big on his podcast, Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson, usually sharing his takes on the state of modern boxing. In the most recent episode, however, the former heavyweight champion got a little bit more metaphysical while discussing the benefits of meditation with New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley.

Doing as little as five minutes of meditation each day has been linked to improvements in mood, attention span, problem solving and stress management. Tyson, however, likes to go deeper.

"I pretty much die when I'm meditating," he said. "I'm like a borderline shaman, I use plant and animal medicine. I won't say I'm enlightened, but I've had divine feelings... I was told silence is god's language, and that's why we meditate."

Barkley admitted that he has never tried meditation, but that his father does it, and he would be open to trying. "I know some players who do it too," the NFL star said. "I'm always trying to find any way to gain an advantage on your opponents and try to bring the best side of you... I wouldn't say I'm not willing to try."

Tyson's co-host, actor Jeremy Piven, then explained that the stereotypical image of sitting cross-legged with your palms facing upwards, chanting 'om,' does not necessarily have to be what meditation looks like for you on a person level.

"It doesn't have to be intimidating," he said. "It's just taking 15 minutes every morning and quieting your thoughts and focusing on your breath. And you can do all those things, because the discipline you've had to have to get to the point where you're at, just to sit and be present with yourself, and then you're working on a higher vibration. I'm not trying to peddle meditation on anyone... There has to be something to it, it's been around for thousands of years and we're still talking about it, there must be something to it."

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