Lisa Snowdon: Why 50 was a huge turning point in my life

Lisa Snowdon looking over her shoulder in a black blazer
Lisa Snowdon wants us all to be calmer (Matthew Eades)

Lisa Snowdon is a leading light in the menopause space, paving the way for other women to feel more confident talking about it – as well as reassuring us that menopause can be a joyful, exciting time in our lives.

"Menopause is a hopeful time and a time for positivity," she told HELLO! "Seeing it as the end of your life is really depressing, it's a second spring! I want people to think of menopause as a joyful time, where you can tick things off your bucket list," Lisa enthuses.

"Maybe it's time to take a trip of a lifetime, maybe it's changing your job if you're not happy anymore, it can be such an exciting era. As soon as I hit 50, it felt like a turning point. My forties were so challenging, but they were behind me. I wasn't fearful about what was to come anymore, instead, I was excited about the future and everything finally came together."

Lisa Snowdon smiling in a black blazer and a white short
50 was a turning point for Lisa Snowdon (Matthew Eades)

It's no surprise Lisa was so elated to turn 50 after her forties were a time of confusion. "I started perimenopause when I was 42. It was unexpected and I had no idea what was going on for at least five years.

"I was overly emotional and I couldn't process stress. I was suffering from low moods and I'm an upbeat person, so it was unlike me."

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The This Morning star also suffered gut issues such as bloating, acid reflux and IBS symptoms, sharing, "My body was telling me something was wrong, but I wasn't in tune with it."

Lisa initially put her feelings down to being tired or busy, as she was unable to pinpoint what was happening, but a visit to acupuncturist Sarah Bradden changed everything when she suggested that Lisa might be menopausal, leading her to book in with a private doctor who confirmed she was in perimenopause.

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Taking oestrogen was a game-changer for Lisa, who said: "I know it's not for everybody, but it certainly helped me extremely quickly." She also began taking Symprove to help manage her gut issues.

Lisa Snowdon holding a bottle of  Symprove
Lisa Snowdon is working with Symprove

Lisa continued with holistic treatments too, including reiki, acupuncture and cranial sacral therapy. "I think the power of touch is important," she says. "Anything that slows you down and calms the nervous system is so helpful.

"Say no to more things and put yourself at the top of the list," Lisa implores.

She now begins her day with meditation, which helps in her quest for quiet."Go into the day a bit more calmly, we all need to go through life slower and take more time for ourselves."

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As for her advice for her younger self? "I'd just tell her, 'It's not you, it's your hormones. Get some help'."

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