What links white tiger; hare, polar bear and leopard; mythical sea bear and sasquatch? The Weekend quiz

Leopard Jumping
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The questions

1 Which former slave was the most photographed American of the 19th century?
2 Which river flows into Hobsons Bay, Victoria?
3 In Christian tradition, who were Dismas and Gestas?
4 The text “hic harold rex interfectus est” appears on what?
5 What do the two UBR stones by the Thames mark?
6 With a booming call, what is Britain’s loudest bird?
7 Which glamorous sci-fi villain was played by Jacqueline Pearce?
8 Britain’s non-royal heads of state shared what surname?
What links:
9 Rembrandt’s Storm On The Sea Of Galilee; Vermeer’s The Concert; Van Gogh’s Poppy Flowers?
10 Kufic; Naskh; Diwani; Thuluth; Ruq’ah?
11 Dickens novel; Larkin poem; Edmund Gosse memoir; Cat Stevens songs?
12 White tiger; hare, polar bear and leopard; mythical sea bear and sasquatch?
13 Catherine; Anna; Elizabeth; CatherineII?
15 Paradoxical; big-belly; tiger snout; Denise’s pygmy; slender; flat-faced?

Man unable to close trousers over large stomach
Fat facts at your fingertips? Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 Frederick Douglass.
2 Yarra river.
3 Thieves crucified alongside Jesus.
4 Bayeux tapestry.
5 Start and finish of the Championship rowing course.
6 Bittern.
7 Servalan in Blake’s 7.
8 Cromwell (Oliver and Richard).
9 Stolen paintings, still missing.
10 Arabic script styles.
11 … and son: Dombey; Dockery; Father; Father, and Matthew.
12 Winter Olympic mascots: 2018; 2014; 2010.
13 18th-century Russian empresses.
14 Video game abbreviations: role playing game; real time strategy; first person shooter; massively multiplayer online.
15 Seahorse species.