What links Jon Pertwee and Cillian Murphy? The Saturday quiz

<span>Photograph: Ray Tamarra/GC Images</span>
Photograph: Ray Tamarra/GC Images

From Alexander the Great to an arctic fox, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

The questions

1 Which Caribbean dictator raised more than 2,000 statues to himself?
2 Which amphibian was introduced to Australia in 1935?
3 Which religion is divided into sky-clad and white-clad sects?
4 The Washington Generals were whose longtime opponents?
5 Which post-punk group was named after a Muriel Spark novel?
6 What are mapped on a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram?
7 A wager containing 57 individual bets is known as what?
8 Which shop was opened in 1964 by Barbara Hulanicki?
What links:
Ray Bolger; Jon Pertwee; Cillian Murphy?
10 Last Greek letter; Roy Orbison; sexual climax?
11 Ptarmigan; stoat; mountain hare; arctic fox; collared lemming?
12 Otis; Schindler; Kone; TKE?
13 Alexander the Great; Charles the Bold; Don Carlos; Prince Charles?
14 China (1); Indonesia (3); USA (6); Russia (11)?
15 A Wizard of Earthsea; A Perfect Spy; Uncle Silas?

The answers

1 Rafael Trujillo (the Dominican Republic).
2 Cane toad.
3 Jainism.
4 Harlem Globetrotters basketball team.
5 Public Image Ltd (The Public Image).
6 Stars.
7 Heinz bet.
8 Biba.
9 Played scarecrows: The Wizard of Oz; Worzel Gummidge; villain in Batman Begins.

10 Big O: omega (literally big O); nickname; orgasm.
11 Animals that turn white in winter.
12 Lift manufacturers.
13 Sons/heirs of Philips: Philip II of Macedon; Philip the Good of Burgundy; Philip II of Spain; Prince Philip.
14 Number of time zones.
15 Books by ‘Le’ authors: Ursula K. Le Guin; John le Carré; Sheridan Le Fanu.