What links Ingrid Bergman, Shakespeare and James Lovelock? The Saturday quiz

The questions

1 Where are 1, 3, 26 and 16 memorialised together?
2 Which national flag features a cactus, an eagle and a snake?
3 June Spencer was the last original cast member in which drama?
4 What is written on the letterbox of 10 Downing Street?
5 Which mathematician and occultist coined the term “British empire”?
6 Where is Europe’s only population of wild monkeys?
7 Which organisation has won the Nobel peace prize three times?
8 Which punk band were named after a Paul McCartney alias?
What links:
Judy Grable; Fabulous Moolah; Klondyke Kate; Trish Stratus?
10 Pasiphaë; Daedalus; Theseus?
11 Santiago; Santo Antão; Boa Vista; Fogo; São Nicolau?
12 Carpenter; cellophane; digger; mason; honey?
13 Shakespeare (possibly); Ingrid Bergman; James Lovelock (in July)?
14 Dunwich, Suffolk; Baiae, Italy; Pavlopetri, Greece; Port Royal, Jamaica?
15 Kay Dick dystopia; Zamyatin dystopia; Rider Haggard adventure; Van Morrison group?

Village on mountain, Fontainhas, Santo Antao Island, Cape Verde
So you think you know all about Santo Antão? Photograph: Peter Adams/Getty Images

The answers

1 Mount Rushmore (left to right: Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln).
2 Mexico.
3 The Archers (retired in 2022, aged 103).
4 First Lord of the Treasury.
5 John Dee.
6 Gibraltar.
7 International Committee of the Red Cross.
8 The Ramones (after Paul Ramone).
9 Female wrestlers.
10 Minotaur: mother; designed Cretan labyrinth; slain by.
11 Major islands of the Cape Verde archipelago.
12 Types of bee.
13 Died on their birthday.
14 Submerged (or partly submerged) towns and cities.
15 Pronoun titles: They novella; We novel; She novel; Them.