What links crane, flesh, horse, house, robber? The Saturday quiz

The questions

1 What was “all this” in the headline “All this – and Everest too!”?
2 Which city has the most buildings more than 150 metres tall?
3 Carrie Nation wielded a hatchet in what cause?
4 Which two boxers fought both Ali and Tyson?
5 What began as the Pilton pop, blues & folk festival?
6 Cria is the young of which animal?
7 Which traveller’s story was recorded by Rustichello of Pisa?
8 What award was set up to recognise “progress in religion”?
What links:
Abraham Lincoln (1); Alfred Nobel (355); Thomas Edison (1,093)?
10 Paul Scofield; Jeremy Northam; Anton Lesser?
11 Afar; Amharic; Oromo; Somali; Tigrinya?
12 Radiant Baby; Barking Dog; Crack Is Wack; Ignorance = Fear?
13 1792; 1848; 1870; 1946; 1958?
14 Crane; flesh; horse; house; robber?
15 The House of Bernarda Alba; Daisy Pulls It Off; Steel Magnolias?

The answers

1 Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953 (Daily Express).
2 Hong Kong.
3 Prohibition/anti-alcohol.
4 Larry Holmes and Trevor Berbick.
5 Glastonbury festival.
6 Llama (and alpaca, vicuña & guanaco).
7 Marco Polo.

8 Templeton prize.
9 Number of patents held.
10 Played Thomas More on screen: A Man for All Seasons; The Tudors; Wolf Hall.
11 Official languages of Ethiopia.
12 Artworks by Keith Haring.
13 Start of France’s five republics.
14 Flies.
15 Plays with all-female casts.