What links Alice in Wonderland with Mr Lazy? The Saturday quiz

<span>Fallen down a rabbit hole with the Alice in Wonderland clue?</span><span>Photograph: Pictorial Press Ltd/Alamy</span>
Fallen down a rabbit hole with the Alice in Wonderland clue?Photograph: Pictorial Press Ltd/Alamy

The questions

1 Rebecca Andrews was the first recorded victim of what in 1665?
2 What drink is Jinro, the world’s best-selling spirit brand?
3 What payment to authors is capped at £6,600?
4 What is the highest peak in Northern Ireland?
5 Which cetacean is known as the white whale or sea canary?
6 What is the aim of the Alberta 51 Project?
7 Which spread is made from spent brewer’s yeast?
8 Which element is named after an astronomer?
What links:
Borneo; Hispaniola; Ireland; New Guinea; Saint Martin; Timor?
10 Emily Maitlis; Wallis Simpson; Eleanor Roosevelt; Margaret Thatcher?
11 Currach; gig; pirogue; shallop; smack; trow; wherry?
12 Philip F Anschutz; 16th Earl of Derby; Vince Lombardi; Larry O’Brien?
13 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; Mr Lazy; The Box of Delights?
14 Chungkingosaurus; Gobisaurus; Sinraptor; Yuanmousaurus?
15 Glasgow; Bethnal Green; Bradford; Rochdale?

The answers

1 Great Plague in London.
2 Soju (Korean spirit).
3 Public lending rights.
4 Slieve Donard (852m).
5 Beluga whale.
6 Make Canadian province the 51st US state.
7 Marmite (and Vegemite).
8 Copernicium (Nicolaus Copernicus).
9 Islands with international borders.
10 Played by Gillian Anderson: Scoop; Any Human Heart; The First Lady; The Crown.
11 Boats.
12 Gave names to North American sports trophies: soccer (MLS Cup); ice hockey (Stanley Cup); American football (Super Bowl winner); basketball (NBA trophy).
13 Children’s stories that were “all a dream”.
14 Dinosaurs discovered in China.
15 All represented as an MP by George Galloway.