Lingerie-clad PETA protesters take over London Fashion Week

An anti-fur protest took over London Fashion Week today [Photo: Twitter/millyevincent]

UPDATE: Another protest has hijacked the second day of London Fashion Week. This time, it’s not down to animal rights charity PETA. Activist group, Surge, have embarked on a big anti-fur campaign with activists standing outside the home of LFW wearing rabbit and fox masks and holding signs showing the real horrors of the fur industry.

PETA protesters hijacked London Fashion Week to raise awareness of crocodile skins [Photo: Twitter/PETAUK]

It wouldn’t be Fashion Week without a PETA protest. The animal rights organisation, who have carried out several headline-making protests over the years, sent three models to London Fashion Week to shed light on the use of animal skins in the fashion industry.

The protesters wore nothing but green underwear and crocodile masks and brandished signs reading ‘Cruelty to Crocodiles Unmasked’ and ‘Animals Die for Exotic Skins.’

Today’s protest follows a recent PETA investigation of crocodile farms in Vietnam that saw the animals left alive while their skin was removed. The charity claims these farms supply crocodile skins to a tannery owned by LVMH, the parent company behind Louis Vuitton and other luxury brands.

The three models wore nothing but lingerie and crocodile masks [Photo: Twitter/PETAUK]

“We are here to remind people that crocodiles are not handbags – they are living, feeling beings. When they spend their entire lives on farms before having their throats, they suffer,” PETA spokeswoman Kirsty Henderson stated.

“You don’t need the skin of crocodiles to make accessories. That’s why we are calling on everyone from London Fashion Week to the public to leave the exotic skins on the shelf.”

The company’s director, Elisa Allen, added: “For every crocodile skin bag or belt, animals were beaten and were likely still conscious as their skin was torn off. With so many beautiful, luxurious vegan fabrics available, it’s easier than ever to get that killer look without killing animals.”

PETA recently revealed it had brought shares in LVMH so that it can “fight from the inside.” Last year, protesters donned gas masks in a bid to demonstrate the toxic effects of buying and wearing real fur.

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