Linda Evans thanks Bo Derek for her Dynasty role

Linda Evans credit:Bang Showbiz
Linda Evans credit:Bang Showbiz

Linda Evans landed her starring role on 'Dynasty' thanks to Bo Derek.

The 78-year-old actress played Krystle Carrington on the iconic TV show and she's explained how Bo - who actually married Linda's ex-husband, John Derek - helped her to land the role.

She shared: "I would never have been able to do ‘Dynasty’ if I had stayed married."

John shocked Linda in 1973 when he announced that he was in love with Bo.

And although Linda was hurt by the news, she stayed friends with Bo and she ultimately helped her to land a role on 'Dynasty'.

Linda told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: "I’m not friends with anyone unless I really like them.

"I liked her before this happened. It was awkward for a bit of time of course for both of us. And then I got into my life … You know I don’t stop loving people because I’m not with them. I just love differently.

"I say now we are friends. I just talked to her not too long ago on her birthday."

Meanwhile, Dame Joan Collins recently claimed that Donald Trump was desperate to star in 'Dynasty'.

The actress played Alexis Colby in the hit TV series, and she revealed that the former US President did everything he could to join the cast.

She said: "He pretended to be [taken with me] - I don't think he was.

"I was a great friend of [his ex-wife] Ivana's. Then he called up one of the producers from 'Dynasty' and said, 'I want to be in 'Dynasty'.' He said, 'I'm sorry we're all cast.' Trump said, 'But, I am 'Dynasty'!' And he said, 'No you're not. We have all these other people.'

"Trump said, 'Look, I'd be great to play one of Alexis's lovers.' He said, 'I think those parts – there was a few! – have been cast.' A few weeks later, [the producer] spread this story around Hollywood, he [Trump] denied it. Trump said, 'I would not want to be Joan Collins' lover on or off screen.' Which I thought was rather rude!"