LIM College Announces New Cannabis Degree Scholarships

LIM College has announced, in conjunction with Etain/RIV Capital, two new scholarships to be awarded to two women studying in its Business of Cannabis degree program. The creation of these monetary awards from LIM College’s Fashion Education Foundation (FEF) aims to bolster a more diverse cannabis industry.

Etain is a leading company in the medical and recreational cannabis space that is helping to help shape the future of the industry through innovative approaches and championing diversity in the field. RIV Capital, an acquisition and investment firm, is the parent company of Etain.

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Two scholarships are set to be awarded to two women, one in the Business of Cannabis, Bachelor of Business Administration program and the second in the Business of Cannabis, Master of Professional Studies program.

The scholarship applications for LIM College students will open at the beginning of February and will be given out in March. Both students must meet a grand point average requirement and showcase their financial assistance needs.

LIM College’s FEF has provided more than $2 million in scholarships over its 45-year history to help support deserving LIM College students to pursue their higher education goals.

Jes Feuer, marketing director at Etain, said that the woman-founded company believes it’s crucial to support the education and career aspirations of other aspiring women in cannabis. In collaborating on this scholarship with LIM College, Etain looks to help nurture the next generation of cannabis women leaders.

“LIM FEF is grateful for this important partnership with Etain/RIV Capital to help support women entering the cannabis industry beginning with access to quality higher education in the field at LIM College,” said Arnie Cohen, board chair of LIM’s FEF. “Education is the first step on the cannabis career path and we are excited to be a part of this initiative to open more doors for women to join the industry.”

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