Lily Collins married 'best friend'

Lily Collins and Ashley Park cover Glamour UK credit:Bang Showbiz
Lily Collins and Ashley Park cover Glamour UK credit:Bang Showbiz

Lily Collins is married to her "best friend".

The 'Emily In Paris' actress tied the knot with Charlie McDowell, 38, last year and she loves the fact she can always say whatever is on her mind to him and he will help her to feel "better and stronger".

She gushed: “Well, it’s so nice to be married to your best friend. We do silly things together. We aren’t afraid to speak our minds with one another, in ways that elevate and make ourselves make each other feel better and stronger and empowered.

“But obviously with new experiences come new adventures and new opportunities, to find different parts of your relationships that are exciting to discover.”

The 32-year-old star hailed her wedding in Colorado as a "beautiful celebration" that offered a "sense of hope" amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She told the GLAMOUR UK January Digital Issue: “It was just such a beautiful celebration of getting people together after having been apart for so long and being able to be outside and breathe, and feel a sense of calm and a sense of hope and celebration, joining together.”

Meanwhile, Lily - who is the daughter of Phil Collins and his second wife Jill Tavelman - admitted she was told to change her name when she began her career in order to distance herself from her musician father, but she refused because she is so "proud" of her dad.

She said: "When I was younger, trying to start my journey into the entertainment world, I was told by quite a few people, ‘Well, what makes you special? There’s so many different siblings and family members and people out there. Why you?’

“I’m so incredibly proud of what my surname represents, for what my dad’s done. And I’m an incredibly proud daughter, but I am going on my own path, my own journey. I didn’t want to change my last name.”

And the 'Mirror, Mirror' actress admitted she was frustrated at constantly being referred to as "Phil Collins' daughter".

She said: “I so badly wanted to always fight that, because it wasn’t the place that I was coming from. And so I am really proud of where I am today because I know how hard I work.”

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