Lily Allen launches OnlyFans account selling feet pics for £8 a month

Lily Allen
-Credit: (Image: @lilyallen/Instagram)

Lily Allen has launched an OnlyFans account, where the singer is selling pictures of her feet. The 39 year old appeared to share a picture to her Instagram story with a link to the adult content site OnlyFans. The account, titled Lily Allen FTSE500, has six exclusive feet pictures available.

However, the Not Fair hitmaker has since deleted any evidence of the account, that was seemingly set up as a joke, from her social media.

OK! has approached Lily's reps for comment.

The Daily Mail shared a screenshot shared on her social media that showed a close-up image of her neatly pedicured feet with a link to the OnlyFans page. Another post appeared to repost a picture from another account, which had the caption: “She’s done it,” before the star joked, “What is this going to do to my algorithm?”

Lily Allen shares only fans link
Lily Allen shared a link to an OnlyFans account dedicated to her feet -Credit:Instagram
Lily Allen posting about her foot Only Fans
Another post appeared to repost a picture from another account, which had the caption: “She’s done it" -Credit:Instagram

She then explained why she had posted the foot content, saying: “This video is like a strange ASMR/foot fetish piece… and absolutely nothing to do with art. If you don’t listen to #missme podcast… this whole post is going to look very strange indeed.”

It appears that the whole thing started because Lily had discovered that her popular feet had a five-star rating on WikiFeet.

She told her co-host Miquita Oliver on an episode of their Miss Me? BBC Sounds podcast: “I have a lady that comes and does my nails and they informed me that I have five stars on WikiFeet which is quite rare, but yes, my feet are rated quite highly on the internet.”

Miquita, 40, responded in shock: “What the f**k is WikiFeet?”

After explaining that it was a website dedicated to ‘famous people’s feet,’ the pair joked about hatching a plan to make money from Lily's popular body part.

Lily Allen on the Miss Me podcast
The star revealed on her Miss Me podcast that her feet had been given a five star rating -Credit:Instagram

Lily said: “The lady said I could make a lot of money from selling foot content on OnlyFans.”

The Smile singer then teased that she might leave their podcast behind altogether to launch a new business selling feet snaps.

Co-host Miquita, on the other hand, was disappointed when Lily told her she'd been given only a three-star rating on the foot judging site.

Lily Allen
The singer joked that she could make enough money from selling pictures of her feet to leave work behind -Credit:@lilyallen/Instagram

It comes as Lily recently sparked a debate on the podcast when she confessed she'd be jetting off to London in first class, while her 12 year old daughter Ethel flies solo in economy.

Lily, 39, told listeners that she was flying back to the UK from New York to celebrate Miquita's 40th birthday, saying: "We are flying to London today to come and see you for your birthday. I'm going in first class, she's going in economy."

Miquita quipped back, asking: "You know what that is?" to which Lily cheekily responded: "Selfish?"

The conversation took a nostalgic turn as Miquita reflected: "The circle of life. That baby is now coming to London because you live in New York for my 40th birthday, which we are having at the end of the road we grew up on."