Lili Reinhart shared a selfie of her cystic acne and we can 100% relate

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From Cosmopolitan

With social distancing measures still in place for many of us, late nights on sticky dance floors have been replaced by cosy nights in front of Netflix. And although I'm looking forward to dancing badly to Beyoncé again in the future, I'm also enjoying the opportunity to up my pamper game.

Celebrities also seem to be indulging in a bit of self-care, mostly by switching up their hair (Kyle Jenner's slow evolution to a full-on barbie blonde has kept us captivated).

Fringes are very much in, too (in case you hadn't noticed). Perrie Edwards was the latest celeb to get a statement fringe, clearly inspired by Courteney Cox got a '90s "Monica" bangs... or maybe it was Jennifer Lopez's '70s inspired chop?

Either way, the A-List are using their down time to get experimental with self-care, and that includes their skincare routines. Lili Reinhart, who has spoken openly about her cystic acne in the past (and once smothered herself in an oatmeal face mask in the name of great skin) spent her Saturday night "in the company" of cystic acne, posting a selfie of her make-up-free face with some adorable flower spot stickers on her forehead.

She went on to thank the creator of the Squish Beauty Flower Power Acne Patches, £18, which are so pretty they kind of make me want to break out... is that wrong?


Lili has explained in the past how she finds sharing photos of her blemishes "therapeutic", and fans were into it too, because when the vegan skincare brand re-posted her picture on their grid, the comments came flooding in...

One fan wrote: "I NEED that squishbabe glow."

And another: "I follow @lilireinhart and saw her post this and bought some for myself! I’ve had some wicked cystic acne lately! I cannot wait to try this product😍🌸"

With so many celebrities quick to filter their selfies, posts like Lili's are kinda refreshing, right? That's what I call flower power...

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