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'Like the CliffsNotes of air frying': This bestselling cooking cheat sheet is down to $10

There's a reason air fryers have taken the home cooking world by storm: they heat up quickly, cook foods to crispy perfection without a ton of oil and they're a breeze to clean. What's not so convenient? Constantly having to whip out your phone so you can look up how long your chicken tenders need to cook, and at what temperature. If only there were an easy-access cheat sheet that spelled everything out ... oh, wait, there literally is — the Momo & Nashi Air Fryer Cooking Guide. It's an Amazon No. 1 bestseller, and you can grab it on sale for $10 (down from $15).

Save 35% on this handy booklet that'll take the guesswork out of preparing your favorite air-fried meals.

$10 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

Groceries are expensive, so why take a chance on ruining that gorgeous cut of salmon you bought when the Momo & Nashi Air Fryer Cooking Guide exists? It would be worth having in your kitchen even at full-price, but the fact that it's currently 35% off makes it a no-brainer.

Why do I need this?

No matter what you like to cook, chances are this nifty booklet's got you covered. It contains instructions for over 120 different types of food, including poultry, seafood, meat, vegetables, frozen foods and even desserts. Each section is conveniently color-coordinated and labeled for easy browsing, and in addition to providing cook times and temperatures — in both Fahrenheit and Celsius — it also provides useful tips and tricks, like not stacking your meats on top of each other. (Spoiler alert: they won't get browned that way!)

Oh, and no detail is spared. For instance, not only does this guide tell you how to cook steak, it tells you how to cook steak to five different levels of doneness, from rare to well done and everything in between. There are even adorable visuals so you know what to look for.

Want to make chicken? Well, you'll have roadmaps for preparing bone-in breasts and thighs, boneless breasts and thighs, drumsticks, tenders, wings — even game hens if you're feeling fancy. The world is your oyster. (Admittedly, you won't find those bivalves in this booklet, because we all know they're best slurped straight from their shells.)

The thoughtful design features large text to make reading easier, and since the sturdy pages are waterproof, they'll be protected from those inevitable kitchen splatters. The best part? There's a magnet on the back, so stick this baby right on the fridge and you'll always have it within arm's reach.

the air fryer cooking guide on a fridge
This essential air fryer accessory has a magnet for sticking to your fridge — it doesn't get more easy-access than that.

What reviewers say

Over 8,800 Amazon shoppers swear by the Momo & Nashi Air Fryer Cooking Guide for making their time in the kitchen even easier. Here's what some of them had to say:

One five-star fan, who called it a "godsend," wrote: "Nothing worse than overcooking meat or fish because you guessed wrong on the timing and/or heat settings. I've referred to this for several things now and every time, the food came out restaurant-perfect!"

"I have this on the side of my fridge and use it regularly to figure out how long to cook pretty much anything," shared a happy home cook. "I started using my air fryer a lot more after getting this. The magnet is strong and the price is great!"

"Very helpful to beginners," wrote an air fryer novice. "I'm a senior and new things are sometimes challenging to me. This little booklet proved to be just what I needed. I have a recipe book, but the cheat sheet is much clearer and easy to use and understand. [I'm] enjoying my air fryer much more with this little cheat sheet. Thanks for the help."

"It's really handy and the flipped page stays up," gushed a satisfied shopper. "One little thing I'd wish for, tabs on the page for easier lifting. Old fingers, I'm afraid."

This Amazon customer may have summed it up best: "It's like the CliffsNotes of air frying." Hey, we'll take the help wherever we can get it!

Goodbye, raw nuggets and hello, crispy-crunchy perfection.

$10 at Amazon

If you haven't actually jumped aboard the air fryer train yet, what are you waiting for?! Right now you can snag this popular Ninja AF101 on sale:

In addition to air frying, this top-seller broils, roasts, dehydrates, bakes and reheats, making it a versatile tool to add to your kitchen arsenal. It heats up to 400 degrees and its compact size is counter top-friendly.

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"I’d been reading review after review before I finally decided to get this one, and I’m so glad I did," related this Ninja newbie. "I hardly use my oven anymore because I cook everything in the air fryer. It’s super easy to clean and very easy to use! Ninja keeps producing quality items!"

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