My life is filled with grief paired with opportunity, says Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate has reflected on her ups and downs credit:Bang Showbiz
Jenny Slate has reflected on her ups and downs credit:Bang Showbiz

Jenny Slate's life has been "filled with examples of grief paired with opportunity".

The 40-year-old actress and her ex-husband, director Dean Fleischer Camp, got divorced in 2016 - but the former couple have continued to work together since their split.

She said: "We’re way happier as creative partners and we can still keep all of the things that we wanted to keep, like our deep respect for each other’s artistry and point of view, and a careful behaviour around each other’s hearts and feelings."

Jenny is a big believer in silver linings. The actress thinks there have been numerous examples of her making the most of bad situations in her life.

Jenny - who married writer Ben Shattuck in 2021 - told The Independent: "My life has been filled with examples of grief paired with opportunity but you have to choose to take it.

"I’ve seen myself over and over, standing in a doorway. Crying in a doorway, watching something go before realising that right on the horizon line, as that thing is leaving, there is a little figure of something walking towards me."

Despite this, Jenny admits to being a "very sensitive person".

The actress - who stars in the award-winning drama movie 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' - revealed that she found it impossible to deal with constant criticism from people on Twitter.

Reflecting on her Twitter experience, Jenny said: "I had never really had people directly judging me or criticising me. I just ... I’m a very sensitive person, like many people are, and I just felt really sad. I felt really beaten down. I felt very restricted.

"I felt very unwilling to move freely in my own imagination."