The Life Edit Podcast: Staycations - from haunted castles to Bridgerton tours

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Love podcasts, and looking for the one that covers everything important in the world? The one that comes in bitesized, digestible episodes and makes you laugh, think, and want to join in the chat?

That would be The Life Edit, Yahoo Life's brand new podcast, where each episode, senior lifestyle editor Flic Everett speaks to the experts about the big topics on our radar.

The latest episode of the Life Edit podcast is all about Staycations. Where can you go in the UK - and what are the weirdest and most wonderful options for a holiday with a difference?

Senior Lifestyle Editor Flic welcomes Yahoo travel writer Anya Meyerowitz to talk castles (Flic reveals what happened when she spent the night in a haunted turret), animal magic (llamas! golden retrievers!) and how to get on the Gavin and Stacey Barry Island bus tour.

"Staycations are huge this summer," Anya explains. "We overlook what's on our doorstep, but now is the time to make the most of what's in front of us."

Follow in the footsteps of Bridgerton (Netflix)
Follow in the footsteps of Bridgerton (Netflix)

They also reveal their holiday essentials and Flic is forced to re-live her most horrendous holiday experience involving a rolling ship and the Bay of Biscay.

Discover the best tips, the quirkiest tours, and the expert-recommended places to see this summer.

Funny, insightful and very honest - The Life Edit has all the interesting parts of life, with none of the boring bits.

Listen now, and dream of that holiday. But don't go anywhere without us.

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