Lidl shoppers can get 'free food' by using clever hack that's sent TikTok wild

Woman with Lidl bags
You can get free food in Lidl with a little-known hack -Credit:AFP/Getty Images

If you want to save money on your next food shop, listen up.

Lidl shoppers can get their hands on free fruit next time they pop into the supermarket, which should make your wallet feel a bit healthier at the end of your groceries run.

TIkTok guru @catchagem, famous for posting life hacks online, revealed the handy hack online. In a viral video, they revealed how a "spin to win offer" is available every time you hit the aisles.

In the clip, they said: "Lidl will give you free food just for shopping with them every single day from the 16th of May until the 12th of June. All you have to do is make sure you have the Lidl Rewards App and then from May 16th you're going to see a spin-to-win offer in your app.

"All you need to do is buy anything [excludes infant formula or gift cards], and it can even be 1p. Then all you need to do is buy it, take it to the checkout and check your app. [After] about 20 seconds you're going to have a spin-to-win offer that you can spin, and then they'll give you some free fruit.

"They're not just going to give you one banana. It can be a pack of strawberries, pack of raspberries [and more]."

Demonstrating the hack, the frugal customer is seen purchasing a jar of dried parsley, leading to him instantly receiving his 'spin-to-win offer'. After playing the game, he was gifted with a free voucher for a 150g punnet of blueberries or raspberries.

He then had the option to return to the aisles, pick up his free item, and proceed to check out once more, this time getting a pack of blueberries for free. What a bargain!

Lidl's free fruit offer includes...

  • One free Strawberries 400g

  • One free Honeydew Melon

  • One free Plums 400/500g

  • One free White Grapes 500g

  • One free Mixed Grapes 500g

  • One free Blueberries 150g

  • One free Raspberries 150g

  • One free Medium Oranges 5 Pack

  • One free Sweet Easy Peelers 600g

  • One free Funsize Easy Peelers 500g

  • One free Pineapple

  • One free Ripen at Home Loose Mango

  • One free Sweet Red Pointed Peppers 2 Pack

  • One free Unwaxed Lemons 4 Pack

  • One free Ready to Eat Medium Avocado

  • One free Ripen at Home Avocados 4 Pack

  • One free Bananas 5 Pack

  • One free Funsize Bananallamas 7 Pack

  • One free Red Chillies 60g

  • One free Mixed Chillies 65g

  • One free Grapefruit

  • One free Loose Red Pepper

  • One free Loose Lime