Lidl launches charitable toy initiative as it releases Christmas advert

Lidl Bear (Lidl)
Lidl Bear (Lidl)

Lidl has unveiled its Christmas advert as part of a campaign which asks families to donate gifts to the supermarket’s charitable toy bank initiative.

The short follows the story of the poker-faced Lidl Bear on his journey from humble beginnings to widespread fame.

The adorable bear first makes his appearance when a father accidentally shrinks his Lidl jumper in the wash, and gives it to his daughter to put on her teddy bear.

Lidl Bear finds fame following a family visit to the supermarket, where crowds gather to take pictures of him. Soon he’s being booked for TV appearances, magazine covers and attending red carper premieres.

In one humorous scene, Lidl Bear is seen lonely and watching TV aboard a private jet as people party around him.

On TV, a broadcast channel is interviewing his former owner, the little girl. “Come home bear,” she says.

Touched by her message, Lidl Bear leaves the jet via parachute and makes it home in time for Christmas.

While the supermarket won’t be selling Lidl Bears this Christmas, the toy is a mascot for its new charitable initiative which encourages shoppers to donate new or unwrapped gifts for less fortunate children in their local community.

Lidl Bear home for Christmas (Lidl)
Lidl Bear home for Christmas (Lidl)

The supermarket is welcoming donations of all kinds and sizes, from small stocking fillers to sought-after items such as toys, games, books, puzzles and arts and crafts.

Peter de Roos, chief commercial officer at Lidl GB, commented: “Instead of selling Lidl Bear, we’re asking everyone who can to spare a bear, and other toys, to give to those in need this Christmas.

“From Kevin to Percy and everything in between, all toys will be welcomed with open arms – because there’s room for everyone at the table this Christmas.”