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Saturday 06, June

The focus is shifting from communication to home and family today. You've had some powerful realizations around the art of thinking and speaking, and now it's time to put those newfound truths into practice. Speak up for your deepest beliefs without apology while remaining your receptive and diplomatic, beautiful Libra self.

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Thursday 04, June

Communication is lit today, Libra. This could be exciting or provocative or both. Keep it constructive if possible because opinions will be flying and people's tempers burning. You'll have to use your diplomatic skills to keep the drama from exploding. When in doubt, agree to disagree.

Wednesday 03, June

The sweet Sun-Venus merger is excellent for your career, Virgo. You've been reassessing what choices have served you well and which have taken you away from your goals over the past eight years. Now it's time to choose differently and really prioritize your bigger dreams.

Tuesday 02, June

The lunar energies intensify as we get closer to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Friday. Use this time to ground and take care of any lingering financial matters that have been weighing heavily on you. What is it that has the most value to you at this time? Can you give more of your time and energy to that?

Sunday 31, May

Your peak energy phase begins today, Libra bb. It's time to celebrate yourself, even if you don't much feel like celebrating. Try to fake it 'til you make it by getting glammed up for your next Zoom call or socially-distanced walk. Pretty soon you'll remember that you're the most charming sign of all, even during hard times.

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