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Wednesday 13, November

Mercury Retrograde takes a few weird turns today as the communication planet sextiles Saturn and trines Neptune. It's kind of confusing, Libra - boundaries can blur, especially at work and in the financial arena. You may want to be extra careful about spending and lending today, and keep your eyes trained on the details of your bottom line.

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Tuesday 12, November

The Full Moon arrives in Taurus today, lighting up your intimacy zone and illuminating your sex life. Are your desires being met adequately, Libra? If not, take stock and get in touch with what you really, really want - and then go directly after it without questioning yourself. You deserve it, lovely.

Monday 11, November

Mercury Retrograde conjuncts the Sun this Monday, creating the potential for chaos and transformation in the same moment. It might feel a bit crazy and unstable, but the result can be a powerful encounter with your innate power to earn what you're worth. Your finances might seem like a bit of a mess right now, but the insights you glean can last a lifetime.

Sunday 10, November

Today's Moon-Mars stand-off is putting severe pressure on your relationships. It could be super sexy or super volatile or both. Your best bet is to hold your ground even though you can see the other person's point of view. You can't always be the one to adapt and accommodate, darling.

Saturday 09, November

The Moon lights up your opposite stars for one final day. Your overall vitality might feel off or frustrated, but trust that you'll get back into your flow and groove sooner than you think. Just ride out this weird rough patch and life and relationships will smooth out on the other side. Patience is the way.

Friday 08, November

The Moon moves into your opposite stars today, putting the focus on your relationships for the next few days. Don't forget to take care of yourself in the process of attending to everyone else's needs. You can find the balance by speaking up for your own desires without apologizing first.

Thursday 07, November

Today's lunar energies help you get back into your spontaneous creativity and flow, Libra. The more you just surrender and trust the process, the easier life is all around. Why create undue stress by second-guessing your decisions when everything is actually moving along just swimmingly? You are poetry in motion, darling.

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