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Thursday 02, July

Communication is the new focus with the Moon lighting up your house of conversations and thinking. Your sense of humor is back and it feels so good to be in touch with those you most adore. The energy is lightening up before getting heavy with this weekend's eclipse, so take advantage of the humor.

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Wednesday 01, July

Money is the focus again today. You're likely in the mood to spend rather frivolously on something glamorous and otherworldly as the Moon makes a sweet trine to the planet of dreams and illusions, Neptune. Just be sure whatever you invest in doesn't appear more special than it actually is.

Tuesday 30, June

The Moon will be highlighting your financial affairs for the next few days, Libra. Use the focus of this time to get your money matters in tiptop shape without the usual procrastination or distraction. You know what needs to be done and you have the determination to see it through and get your bank into proper order.

Monday 29, June

The Moon is in your stars for one more day but in a snag with Pluto in your home zone. Family or domestic tensions are on the rise. You'll have to keep your harmonious and peace-loving nature at the ready to combat any stress or potential flare-ups. When in doubt, change the subject or come back to the heat of the matter in a few days.

Sunday 28, June

Your peak-energy phase is in effect today and tomorrow, Libra luv - that's why the relief has likely already begun flooding in. If it hasn't quite yet, make a list of the things that you know people love most about you, and connect to the part of your ego that doesn't mind a nice (and well-deserved) compliment.

Saturday 27, June

This is really something, Libra. Get ready for a rare and long-term visit from Mars, as he will spend the next six months in your opposite sign. He usually only hangs out in your relationship zone for six weeks at a time, but because of a retrograde coming in the fall, the planet of passion and action will fire up your partnerships for an astonishing length of time.

Friday 26, June

The Moon is in your dream zone for the next few days, turning your attention inward for a bit. This can be a wonderful time to get extra beauty sleep - think of it as a staycation within your necessary isolation. It's perfect for meditation, journaling and getting reacquainted with your psyche's needs and depths.

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