Level Up Deviled Eggs With One Powerhouse Ingredient

A platter of deviled eggs
A platter of deviled eggs - Sunvic/Shutterstock

No one's ever mad to see a platter of deviled eggs on the table, so imagine how happy they'd be to spy a tray loaded with tangy goat cheese filling. Deviled eggs have been evolving for centuries, and with a generous dollop of goat cheese, you too can be part of this eventful culinary movement (... or something). All it takes to amp up your go-to recipe and rock the potluck is the addition of one simple ingredient.

Stirring goat cheese into your classic deviled eggs filling takes a well-known favorite to a fresh and unexpected level. The cheese adds a kick of zesty, savory flavor and ultra-rich creamy texture. It's complex, refined, and the stiffer filling means that you can pre-prep your deviled eggs the day before a party and stash 'em in the fridge covered in plastic wrap. Plus, goat cheese deviled eggs can be easily batched to accommodate larger events or small wine tastings.

To do it, you can mash up your eggy filling by hand, using a fork and a mixing bowl. 3 tablespoons of goat cheese per dozen deviled eggs is a solid jumping-off point, but if you prefer a bolder flavor, feel free to add more. For a creamier, milder take, you could also use equal parts goat cheese and mayo, 3 tablespoons of each. Or, simply place a crumble of goat cheese atop your regular deviled egg filling for a burst of tanginess.

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Yes Please, Goat Cheese Deviled Eggs

Goat cheese crumbled on a wooden cutting board
Goat cheese crumbled on a wooden cutting board - Moving Moment/Shutterstock

For a traditional presentation, serve your goat cheese deviled eggs sprinkled with Hungarian paprika, cracked black pepper, and a few Maldon smoked sea salt flakes. Or, you could make your filling with goat cheese and Kewpie mayo for a fully-loaded umami bomb. Add fresh dill and scallions for a bright, herby goat cheese filling. You could steer the profile spicy with a spoonful of gochujang or Thai green curry paste. Pickled jalapeno slices are fair game too. Or, whip up a batch of Shakshuka-inspired deviled eggs with goat cheese, harissa paste, and cilantro to garnish.

Feeling fancy? Position a chunk of smoked salmon atop each halved, filled egg. Drizzle it with white truffle oil. Stir some Dijon mustard or pesto into the eggy filling. Season with savory tarragon. Top each deviled egg with dried rosemary and a thinly-sliced fresh radish for crunch. For a batch of impressive, elevated deviled eggs, soak your hard-boiled eggs in pickled beet juice for a beet-goat-cheese flavor palooza.

Feeling the opposite of fancy? You could set out a tray of goat cheese deviled eggs drizzled with buffalo sauce and bacon crumbles for a dreamy game day snack -- buffalo wings meet deviled eggs. To make a complete meal, serve them with BLT sandwiches and prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe.

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