A new letterbox vase has just launched at Bloom & Wild

the kirsty letterbox vase, bloom wild
Letterbox vase launches at Bloom & WildBloom & Wild

If you've ever sent flowers to friends, colleagues or loved ones, only to wonder whether they have a vase at home or in the office that will fit the blooms, the team at POTR Pots have the very solution for that potential problem.

POTR Pots launched the world’s first self-watering origami plant pot in 2021. Since then they've sold more than 15,000 of their products and have now inked a six-figure deal with Europe's leading online flower delivery company – Bloom & Wild – in perfect time for Mother’s Day this year.

Their patent-pending vase arrives flat-packed with Bloom & Wild's letterbox flowers, meaning it fits through your letterbox with ease. With many of us sending and receiving letterbox flowers these days, it only makes sense that the receptacle that we place them in can do the same.

The vase itself is made from recycled polypropylene and high grade silicone, and is designed to hold a full bouquet of flowers and up to a litre of water.

Popping up from its flat-packed state, it springs into its final form directly out of the box to allow you – or the recipient – to quickly house the bouquet of flowers.

"Like all of our projects, this just started with simple, paper, origami prototypes," company director and former Dyson engineer, Andrew Flynn, says. "This forces us to use as little material as possible, to make sure the product is as sustainable as it is beautiful and practical."

potr and bloom and wild
POTR Pots company directors Eilidh Cunningham and Andrew FlynnOtago Street Collective

He and fellow company director Eilidh Cunningham spent 18 months working on concepts, prototypes and the production of the reusable folding vase, with there being over 200 iterations of it before they eventually reached the final product that is now for sale.

You can now order – or send – your very own letterbox vase via Bloom & Wild.

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