Let's Dig Into What Happened During 'Irish Wish's Ending

irish wish, lindsay lohan as maddie kelly cr patrick redmond netflix 2024
What Went Down During the 'Irish Wish' EndingNetflix

Irish Wish, the latest Lindsay Lohan romantic comedy on Netflix, has a bit of a ~supernatural~ twist (in the cheesiest and cheeriest way). How does it all work out with the mumbo and the jumbo? Obviously love prevails, but here’s what happens during Irish Wish's ending.

Lindsay plays a book editor named Maddie in the movie. She's beyond obsessed with one of her clients, best-selling author Paul Kennedy, whom she calls by his full name for most of the film despite their close working relationship. To make matters worse for her and her crush, Paul Kennedy™ falls in love with her friend Emma and they get engaged. Depressed at their overseas wedding in Ireland, Maddie (who is a bridesmaid, naturally) makes a wish to Saint Brigid, a magical woman who appears by a bench, and wakes up engaged to Paul Kennedy™ instead of her friend. Magic!

Even though Maddie technically got what she wanted, she can tell things aren't right in this alternate universe. Paul Kennedy™ and Emma still have chemistry in this world. And Maddie's falling for a British photographer she met at the airport named James. She clearly shouldn't have messed with reality and should have trusted that everything that happens was meant to be...right? Vibes are additionally off because Brigid has been getting up to trickster nonsense and making sure her mother can’t make it to the wedding. Here's how the ending goes down.

Maddie doesn't actually marry Paul Kennedy™, does she?

After making a speech at the wedding and causing a huuuuge fight between Paul + James + almost all of the guests for some reason, the wedding is off.

And James is off (a.k.a. leaving) as well. He has feelings for Maddie but doesn’t want to be with her in these toxic, adultery-adjacent circumstances. I guess that’s fair!

irish wish, lindsay lohan as maddie kelly cr patrick redmond netflix 2024

But how does she get back with James??

Distraught, Maddie finds the bench where she made the wish that started this whole debacle. Saint Brigid is there, magic-ing around, and Maddie asks if she can take back her wish but Brigid says it’s too late. Maddie asks again and says she really means it and learned a lesson. Brigid’s like Oh… why didn’t you say so, of course I can do that for you. And Maddie wakes back up in the proper reality where she’s a bridesmaid in Emma and Paul Kennedy™’s wedding.

After the wedding she tracks down James—who doesn't actually know her that well in this reality, since Maddie essentially went back in time for a redo—and strikes up the 2.0 version of their flirtation. Things are looking up for Maddie!

And what about her writing career?

Once Maddie’s crush on Paul Kennedy™ starts to dim in the alternate reality, she realizes he was taking advantage of her and low-key passing off her writing as his. So before starting her happy ever after with James, she also breaks off her professional relationship with Paul. Maddie then vows to write her own story in life and in literal writing. Amen to that, sister!


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