Lenny Kravitz appalls fans for working out in leather pants and boots

Lenny Kravitz appalls fans for working out in leather pants and boots

Lenny Kravitz has redefined proper gym attire.

In a recent post shared to the singer’s Instagram page, the 59-year-old musician showed a video of himself working out. “Thank God for today! Grateful. Never been better. There are no shortcuts so seize your day. It is all possible. Love!” he captioned the video.

The clip featured Kravitz doing sit ups and holding a barbell while a personal trainer held his legs down. The workout itself wasn’t what gained attention from his followers, but it was the fact that he was wearing leather pants, black boots, and a sheer tank top at the gym.

Many people turned to the comments section to highlight how the outfit may not have made sense to the average gym-goer, but it did make sense to Kravitz.

“Who trains in leather pants???” one commenter questioned. “Only Lenny does.”

Another commenter agreed, writing: “Man! Boots and leather pants while working out is crazy! Always on brand!”

“Only Lenny can workout in that and nobody bats an eye,” a third commenter pointed out.

Other comments joked that not having leather attire is holding them back from regularly working out themselves. “Reasons why I haven’t started working out: 1. I don’t own any leather pants. Yea that’s it,” one comment read.

The singer might be making sure he looks his best for his daughter Zoë Kravitz’s upcoming wedding to Channing Tatum.

Most recently, Kravitz recalled his first meeting with Tatum, shortly after the actor started dating the Big Little Lies star. In a sneak peak of an episode of Sherri Shepherd’s talk show, which aired on 21 March, Kravitz said he felt very comfortable around Tatum the moment they were introduced to each other.

“[It was] very natural. Like I said he’s very sweet,” the Hunger Games actor said about Tatum. “It works, you know? Life is about timing and what you’ve gone through, what you’ve learned. And they’re in the right place.”

During his appearance on Sherri, Kravitz also opened up about his daughter’s potential wedding after multiple outlets reported in October 2023 that she and the Dear John star were engaged. The singer acknowledged that he was “of course” doing a speech at the nuptials as the father of the bride, and continued to praise the bond he has with Tatum.

“He’s a great guy. We got on really well. We have our own relationship as well,” Kravitz said. "We hang out, and we talk. He’s a very soulful human being, he was raised well, he has manners and class.”

Earlier this year, Kravitz shared similar sentiments about doing a toast for his daughter - who he shares with ex-wife Lisa Bonet - at the wedding. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the Critics Choice Awards in January, he shared his plans to wing the speech on the big day, noting that he’ll just be speaking “from the heart”.

“It just comes at the moment. I don’t rehearse those things,” he said.

Kravitz once again didn’t hesitate to praise his daughter’s partner at the Critics Choice Association’s Celebration of Cinema and Television: Honoring Black, Latino and AAPI Achievements in December 2023. After explaining that he and Tatum “have a great line of communication,” he told E! News that they get together pretty frequently.

“We hang out like you hang out with your family,” he explained. “We’re together whenever we can.”