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This ‘life-changing’ $25 planner helps Amazon shoppers achieve their New Year’s resolutions

If you have trouble remembering everything you have to do each day or keeping track of your New Year's resolutions and goals, a paper planner may be just the thing you need to get (and stay) organized this year. Sure, you can write down your appointments and meeting schedule in any old calendar, but thousands of Amazon shoppers say the Legend Planner, $25, is "life-changing" when it comes to increasing productivity and achieving your goals.

More than 17,000 Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this planner with many calling it "life-changing."
$22 at Amazon

Along with daily, weekly and monthly layouts to let you plan out your schedule, the handy planner has sections for you to jot down your yearly goals, dreams and life aspirations. There's even a section dedicated to self-discovery and vision to help you keep track of your passions and plan out the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. "Perfection resolution lifesaver," says one shopper. "I got the daily planner as well as the budget planner as part of my resolution to be organized, on track and focused. Very cute and discreet. The sample card and pages are very detailed."

In the weekly layout section, the planner has standard daily slots to write in your schedule in addition to sections for making to-do lists, tracking your habits and reflecting on your wins of the week. The monthly calendars have slots for you to plan out your goals and list the things you want to achieve. There’s also a monthly reflection page so you can look back on the past month and see in what areas you progressed and where you still need improvement.

Legend Planner
Keep all your New Year's resolutions on track with this popular planner. (Photo: Amazon)

Each page boasts minimal designs, so you can customize it to your liking with drawings and notes or decorate them with the many inspirational stickers that come with the planner. Bonus: The planner is undated, so you can get started any time of the year without wasting pages.

“I have been looking for a planner like this for so long! I love that I can customize it some but it also has the main week and goals already printed because I certainly don't have enough time for all of that,” said one customer. “This is the perfect mixture to help keep me on track with school and work while also keeping me motivated to improve personally in other aspects of my life. I especially love the weekly to-do lists and habit tracker along with the goals and reflections!”

One shopper raved, “If you're looking for something that offers a way to organize and plan your life, your goals, break them down into real, attainable actions, then this is for you,” before adding, “I absolutely love love love my Legend Planner. If you take the time and put in the work, you'll get more out of it and more in your life than you ever thought possible.”

Each planner, bound with soft faux leather, features a beautiful, intricate design on the cover and comes in 16 colors. Go ahead — $25 is a small price to pay for such a beloved product that shoppers say will change your life for the better.

More than 17,000 Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this planner, with many calling it "life-changing."
$22 at Amazon
Feel like skipping a week? No problem — the planner is undated, so you won't waste pages.
$22 at Amazon
Have fun customizing each page with drawings, notes and stickers — a bunch of them are included.
$22 at Amazon

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