Our Legacy RTW Fall 2024

Apparently Cristopher Nying, creative director of Our Legacy, loves cooking and hosting dinner parties. Plunked amid accessories at the Swedish brand’s fall presentation at its Milan showroom, a long dining table suggested a feast had taken place, only crumbs remaining on the cake stand, plus a few hard-boiled eggs, and Polaroids of Nying shoveling pasta into his mouth.

The installation explained the fleece jackets and sweatshirts with cooking stains in the fall collection, and small details from the kitchen, from the lace borders Swedes use to decorate shelving — here trimming shirts in tablecloth linen — to a silver pendant shaped like a bread chip, or a bracelet that could double as a napkin ring.

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Forgetting the deliberately stained knits, this was a more cleaned-up, grown-up and safe Our Legacy collection, with fewer grunge elements and more of its slouchy tailoring, hip shirt jackets, leather jackets and sweaters.

Nying reprised elements of his fall 2019 collection, here “older and more mature,” he said in the show notes, no doubt referring to the neckties and leather gloves that gave ensembles more polish in the look book images, the models pictured in a fashion-show situation. Men’s tie clips were repurposed as hair barrettes on some of the female models.

Mostly black, gray, white and beige, the collection felt quite classic and didn’t break any new ground. Still, many fashion-conscious people are likely to break bread soon at some hip dinner party dressed in these slyly cool clothes.

Launch Gallery: Our Legacy RTW Fall 2024

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