Lee Mead shares post op video following hair transplant

Soap star Lee Mead has admitted to hiding a receding hairline for years and has undergone a hair transplant in Istanbul. He says he's 'sore' but wants to own the procedure and help others to take the plunge.

Video transcript

- Lee Mead, where are we?

LEE MEAD: [INAUDIBLE] we are in Istanbul airport.

- Yes.

LEE MEAD: I've got a very different look to when I left--

- Very different.

LEE MEAD: --London airport.

- Post-op--

LEE MEAD: Post-op--

- How are you feeling?

LEE MEAD: I'm feeling sore, as you can see on my head here and the back of my head. Yeah. I'm a bit nervous about coming back to the UK, to see friends and family and just being out and about with this new look, because it's a completely different look for me, isn't it? But I'm so pleased I had it done. I feel more confident already. As I was saying to you before, I had a good head of hair, but I hid my receding areas quite well.

- Yeah.

LEE MEAD: I could've left it the next two or three years. And as I've always said, it's an individual-- it's a personal thing, isn't it?

- Yeah, yeah.

LEE MEAD: Nothing wrong with being bald. But personally for me, I wanted to get my hair done. It's incredible. They took my own hair from the back of my head and replanted the--

- It looks great. I like it.

LEE MEAD: Thanks, buddy.

- I like it. How is the-- how was your first coffee for the first time in three days?

LEE MEAD: Amazing. Starbucks. Just a Black coffee. It feels good.

- Nice.

LEE MEAD: But, yeah, I've already had four close friends, four friends, all guys, within the industry that I'm in ask about a hair transplant as well. And they've been putting it off for the last two or three years, nervous about having it done. And the reason I'm doing this video and these videos is to-- I want to feel confident and own it that, you know--

- No, it's good, though. But it's--


- It's been amazing.

LEE MEAD: You know, it's quite a big thing to do, isn't it? So--

- Yeah, but you've done it and--

LEE MEAD: And with a year, my hair will-- well, the next few months, my hair will grow back--

- Exactly, hair grows.

LEE MEAD: --more fuller.

- Exactly. And you'll be out singing again all over.

LEE MEAD: I've got my next cruise in three weeks, so you'll see me on that, and then a couple of auditions coming up.

- How does it feel? Does it feel sore? Did you have a good sleep?

LEE MEAD: I feel really good, actually. I felt worse last-- I didn't fall asleep last night. I felt groggy last night. And the painkillers, I think the local anesthetic is still there, but--

- Yeah.

LEE MEAD: So it's--

- Nice. I like it.

LEE MEAD: When it wears off, it's going to be a bit more painful I think.

- The smile is still there. There you go. The Lee Mead smile. Lee Mead.

LEE MEAD: Oh, bless you. Yeah. So I probably won't post any more videos the next couple of weeks just to rest up really, and then go from there.

- Just to relax.

LEE MEAD: But thank you to everyone that's commented as well. I'm so pleased that I've done this and been public about it as well. Because as I said, there are guys who already asked me questions and wanting to have it done and--

- You've owned it.

LEE MEAD: Owned it, yeah.

- It's been amazing.

LEE MEAD: I see you soon, everyone.