Lazoschmidl Men’s Spring 2025: Bare Maximum

Design duo Josef Lazo and Andreas Schmidl of Lazoschmidl went with a bare minimalist take on baring the maximum, debuting a short film during an art gallery presentation. The film, a tongue-in-cheek take on fragrance ads, showcased their mesh undergarments and plenty of flesh, while the clothes were cleverly hidden in drawers.

Key pieces of this season’s outerwear retained the undergarment feel, including striped boxer shorts and coordinated shirts for a pajama-esque take on light summer dressing, which carried over into simple cotton button downs. A sequined shirt and loose lounge pant set was disco dressing for a poolside party.

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Pink was a key color carried in a denim look, including an overdyed vest and jean combo in mottled sunset shades that retained their trademark peekaboo back pocket design, and a graffitied fleece to be thrown on post-swim. With many of their signature Speedo-style swimwear as well as some sweatpant looks on offer, much of the collection was beach-ready.

All of it was in good summer fun. But while the emphasis on undergarments took them back to their roots (including the look book released as a zine), it left both little to the imagination and one wanting more from the design duo.

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Launch Gallery: Lazoschmidl Spring 2025 Men's Collection

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