Canadian model Lauren Chan praises actress Reneé Rapp for her 'Gen Z' approach to body shaming

The Sports Illustrated model shared a video crediting the "Mean Girls" star for her unbothered outlook on body image and body-shamers.

Lauren Chan praised Reneé Rapp for her Gen Z approach to body image. (Image via Getty Images)
Lauren Chan shared her support for "Mean Girls" star Reneé Rapp's approach to body image. (Image via Getty Images)

Lauren Chan is showing her support for Gen Z's attitude towards body shaming.

On Thursday, the Canadian Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model posted an Instagram reel featuring a clip from a 2023 Teen Vogue interview with singer and actress Reneé Rapp. In the original video, the "Mean Girls" star expressed her frustration with public comments about her body.

"The conversation around my body is f—ing stupid. Just shut the f—k up. You're obsessed," Rapp said. "It definitely hurts my feelings on a certain level. I think it's harmful, I think it's stupid — but also, again, obsessed. Like, shut up."

The Brantford, Ont. native shared her support for Rapp by encouraging others who struggle with body image to adopt a similar mindset.

Chan stitched a video of her response over the clip, saying, "This is a really strong example of how much Generation Z does not give a f—k about body-shamers.

"It's kind of the updated version of us millennials getting fed 'own your curves' by the media," she noted before questioning, "How do you genuinely get there, mentally?"

Chan revealed how she was able to get to a place where she is "actually unaffected by body-shamers."

"I studied the beauty ideal," she explained. "Almost scientifically, to learn factually, that it is not absolute. It is objective, it changes, and it's an impossible moving target."

The model emphasized how dramatically beauty standards can shift in a short period of time. "Look at how a few years ago it was super cool to be curvy. And now, the opposite is true," she said. "Once you internalize that it's a game you can't win, then the affirmations work."

In her caption, Chan doubled-down on her message, writing, "This Gen Z attitude is powerful—but I get a lot of questions about how to genuinely feel this level of body neutrality. For me, it started with studying the beauty standard and finding plot holes; so, let's start there."

Fans applauded Chan and Rapp in the comments for championing body positivity.

"I absolutely love this attitude," one person shared.

Reneé Rapp at the 2023 MTV VMAS. (Image via Getty Images)
Singer Reneé Rapp doesn't have time for conversations about her looks. (Image via Getty Images)

"Louder for anyone not listening!" An Instagram user commented. "Why in this day and age are we still discussing body image and holding anyone to these standards that are constantly changing? The world needs to get a grip but Gen Z is killing it, for real."

"I love this wholeheartedly," another said.

In her Teen Vogue Summit appearance, Rapp delved deeper into her personal struggle with body image, calling her relationship with eating disorders "very complicated. "

"Right now, I'm not going to say, 'I'm doing amazing and it’s all better.' It's incredibly not... If I'm safe and not putting myself in danger, then I consider that a win," she candidly shared. "It's an addiction. It's something that is ingrained in your psyche and subconscious."

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