Laura Whitmore just shared the cutest picture of her growing bump

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Photo credit: Mike Marsland - Getty Images
Photo credit: Mike Marsland - Getty Images

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Somebody sound the cute picture klaxon, please! After recently announcing her pregnancy, Love Island host Laura Whitmore has shared a new bump photo on social media and we can't help but feel all excited at the thought of her and comedian partner Iain Stirling's little one, who is due to arrive early next year.

Just over a week ago, Laura decided to post the couple's happy news publicly and said on her Instagram account, "A lot of things are just for me and my loved ones and we’ve chosen not to share publicly. However I want to now share good news as it’s our news to share – and I’m gonna be honest it’s starting to look like my lockdown beer belly is out of control. Iain and I are expecting a baby early 2021."

Now, Laura has uploaded a post-Christmas Day selfie of her bump, joking that it's probably time she admits her favourite yellow jumper no longer fits in quite the same way it used to. "That day after Christmas bloat 😂 (probably about time I acknowledged my favourite yellow jumper doesn’t fit anymore)," she captioned the shot.

After spotting the post, many of Laura's 1.2 million followers offered up some tried and tested maternity wear hacks. One wrote, "It’s all about getting the trousers to fit over the bump so your tops still fit, even if they do stop just under your bra 😅 ". To this, the TV presenter jokingly responded, "Ah so Simon Cowell was on to something 😂 ".

Another suggested that she try wearing her sweater underneath a pair of dungarees: "Wear it with dungarees... good for another few weeks of growing 💛 ". To this, Laura replied, "Genius!!!!👏🏼👏🏼".

This isn't the first shot of her bump that Laura has shared either – she also recently bravely opened up about how she's felt self-conscious of her changing body and posted a series of images from an empowering pregnancy lingerie shoot. She captioned them: "I’ve spent almost 6 months hiding or being conscious of my body (well to be honest I’ve spent over 30 years doing this). But in particular as my body changed I have felt very protective of my baby bump."

She continued, "I’ve seen all sorts of comments ‘Oh Laura’s had a boob job’ ‘Her legs are too skinny’ ‘Has she put on weight?’ ‘She needs to eat more cake!’... I want to say a massive thank you to @ryancahill7 and everyone at @hungermagazine for giving me the space to talk about my pregnancy on my terms and in my words. And the legend 📸 @clairerothstein for showing my bump in such an empowering way and making me feel like a fucking QUEEN!"

Three massive cheers to Laura for being so open about her pregnancy and how her changing body hasn't always been a walk in the park. No doubt she'll have helped countless other women in the process too – pregnancy is one mammoth life change and the more we talk candidly about it, the better. ❤️

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