Laura Harrier confirms engagement to Sam Jarou

Laura Harrier is engaged credit:Bang Showbiz
Laura Harrier is engaged credit:Bang Showbiz

Laura Harrier is engaged.

The 32-year-old actress - who starred as Liz Allan in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' - has confirmed she's engaged to Sam Jarou, a French freelance creative consultant.

Laura shared: "We did get engaged recently, which I'm very excited about. It was really simple and sweet in Paris. I never wanted one of those big showy public engagements. That's just not my personality."

The loved-up couple met at a dinner in Los Angeles in 2019. However, they've always made a concerted effort to keep their romance out of the spotlight.

Laura - who was previously linked to fellow Hollywood star Justin Theroux - feels she's found "peace and calm" with Sam.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine: "The cliche of when you know, you know. I never really believed it until that happened to me. It's a funny feeling when you just find peace and calm."

Laura thinks feeling secure in herself has been one of the keys to finding love.

The actress - who has also modelled for various well-known magazines and fashion labels - shared: "I also really do believe that you need to be ready within yourself before you can find somebody else to be with, which I also always thought was a cliche until I felt secure within myself and the person I am and where I'm at in life."

Meanwhile, Laura has also discussed her experience of working with rapper Jack Harlow on the 'White Men Can't Jump' reboot.

The movie star described Jack, 24, as "very charismatic" and admitted that they had real "chemistry" on set.

She said: "This was his first time acting. He's very charismatic and I knew he'd be able to play the part, but he really impressed me.

"Our chemistry is great together. It felt natural and easy with him. And I think it's going to be a cute movie."