What's the 'latte trend' Meghan Markle's embracing?

Meghan Markle wearing brown turtleneck and bronzed makeup, i.e. latte trend
Meghan Markle has long favoured the latte trend that's currently being made popular on TikTok. (Getty Images)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have united in a video, marking their first joint appearance since May.

The video sees the Duke and Duchess of Sussex surprising recipients of the first-ever Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund grants with a series of phone calls.

In the video, shared by their charity Archewell, Meghan wore a camel-hued turtleneck (£145) from Californian brand Bleusalt and a matching A-line skirt (£135). However, our eyes were on her make-up as the royal appeared to embrace the ‘latte trend’.

The trend has taken TikTok by storm this summer after it was coined by creator Rachel Rigler, and videos depicting the trend have since received over 183.5 million views on the platform.

What is the ‘latte trend’?

According to a video posted by Rigler, which has been viewed over 2.5 million times, she describes latte makeup as "warm, bronze-y and effortless".

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She then shows how exactly to do the trend, starting with a minimal coverage CC cream. She applies brown liquid eye shadow to her eye lids, covered by a warmer powder brown shadow, then bronzer to contour, and concealer to brighten.

Rigler clarifies that there is ‘no blush’ as "no colour is involved in latte makeup, just bronzer". She finishes the look by applying a brown eyeshadow stick to her lower eyelid and blending, followed by dark brown eyeliner on her waterline and on the end of her upper eyelids, and a lick of mascara on her lashes.

Some commenters noted that the latte makeup look is just a new take on the "bronzed goddess look" that has been around for a while, and said it’s their go-to makeup.

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"This is all I have done for years. I never use blush. I personally don’t like it on myself. Only bronzed goddess looks for me," one user wrote, while another added: "They are calling it latte, but it’s how I’ve done my makeup for years."

Hailey Bieber is just one of the celebrities who have jumped on the latte makeup train, posting a video of herself creating the look with her own skincare brand, Rhode.

Meghan Markle’s take on the latte trend

Latte makeup is a trend Meghan has followed for years. Even before, and during, her time as a senior member of the Royal Family, the 41-year-old often opted for bronzed cheeks, brown eye shadow and brown eyeliner.

Meghan Markle wearing brown colours
Meghan favoured browns and camel tones when she was a senior member of the Royal Family. (Getty Images)

It’s a look she has lent into more and more since stepping down from the Royal Family and embracing the bronzed Californian lifestyle.

However, Vogue notes that Meghan has also applied the latte trend to her style, often wearing browns, camels, and coffee-coloured clothes.

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She began wearing a lot of browns and caramels while attending engagements with Harry and other Royal Family Members in 2018 and 2019, and later revealed that this was because she didn’t want a colour to clash with what other members of the firm were wearing.

Meghan Markle wearing neutral tones
Meghan has opted for neutral tones since leaving the Royal Family. (Getty Images)

However, it’s a sartorial choice that seems to have stuck, and in the three and a half years since her and Harry moved to the US, neutral tones have been a favourite of Meghan's - albeit with more playful cuts than she would have worn as a royal - and one that she wears well.

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